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Personal Morning Routine You’ll Actually Want to Do

How do you create a personal morning routine you’ll actually want to do? If you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve invested your time diving into the realm of books, videos + content that’s out in the world about success. Like a broken record, you will always hear about a healthy morning routine.

a personal morning routine you'll actually want to do will get you out of bed in the morning.

How do we make a morning routine for ourselves? There are many examples and advice to try out things “that work for you”. But maybe what would work for you isn’t a habit you’ve read about yet…

I say this because humans are complex. Different things are important to us all and we each have a unique life experience. We are the sum of our experiences and all respond to situations differently. Goals that are personal to us will give us more motivation than goals put upon us by anyone else.

This needs to be considered because a personal routine will be personally important to you. Personal importance = actually getting it done.

As I walk you through this exercise, you will want to do some inner reflecting and write down your personal answers. I have created a free interactive PDF you can type right into from your phone/computer or print out. This link is also at the bottom of the blog post so feel free to read through before you get your workbook.

Step into your Power

The first thing you need as a morning routine is a certain sense of self awareness. Practicing self awareness can even be a part of your morning routine. The basic breakdown of this is the practice of noticing. Observing what is going on in your beautiful brain + body without judging it.

There are many methods to practicing awareness, I have shared some untraditional ways to practice awareness if you haven’t yet found something that sticks with you.

Being aware of your thoughts + emotions gives you power over them. Exercising that power makes your actions conscious. With consciousness, you can use your imagination to purposely envision who you want to be.

Imagination allows you to manifest or decide what you would LOVE to be true about the life you live. Sitting with this overtime can give you a powerful sense of direction because you know exactly where your actions are leading you.

Take some time to think about how and who you want to be. This is how you can work backwards to today and find out what you need to do daily. For example, I want to be calm + stand tall when I am in my 80s so I know that yoga + mediation needs to be a part of my morning routine.

personalizing your morning routine will make you actually want to do it making you feel powerful

What CAN I do?

Ask yourself this question. If you could be doing something that was not reading this blog post that could improve your life, what would that be?

Keep focused here on what you CAN do.

Think of something small that could be done daily. This small daily task would make your life amazing, what is it? Think of one action that can point you (no matter how slowly) towards a positive direction.

Areas of Life

A different role is fulfilled by you for the groups of people in your life. At home you’re a parent, with Sarah you’re a best friend, to Sean you’re a colleague. Even to your own self there might be different roles you fulfill.

Just like a play is better with developed roles, you are a better human being with strong roles. This means you cannot neglect one area to benefit the other. Relationships when neglected for the sake of work make for a lonely life. Neglecting health for the sake of your family commitments can give you less time with loved ones.

Prioritize Roles

Being told what you should do in the morning is not motivating. Knowing what roles are important to you helps you create a personal morning routine you’ll actually want to do.

The number one most important area of life and that one thing you can do daily to improve it ….THAT is the first thing you should do when you wake up.

Because you are making a deeply personal morning routine, you’ll actually want to do it. The motivation will come from inside of you because you know the morning routine you’ve agreed on will get you to be the person you want to be.

What is important to me?

With all of your roles in mind, no in order of priority, ask yourself for each one:

“What is important to me in this area of life? What is one thing that if I did daily would make a huge, positive impact?”

For example, maybe you are a parent and it is important that you have open, honest communication with your children. A small daily task that could nurture this is to check in with your child ready to listen, understand, and be honest while being considerate of feelings.

This is helpful to write in a chart form so I have included this in your free designing a personal morning routine workbook.

Be Fluid

Life is unpredictable so it’s helpful to have a short version of a morning routine. For example, you decide reading is what is important to you and you read 30 mins before getting out of bed. Since that is so important to you, on days you don’t read for 30 mins, you might beat yourself up about it. It’s OKAY to not be perfect. See if you can read for 5 mins instead. I always say that 5 mins is more than zero…

Habitual Mode

Our brains our interesting because they are always trying to save energy and do things more efficiently. This is why over time, your personal morning routine will become a habit if you repeat it daily. This is where we want to be and why so many successful people get a lot out of a morning routine.

Imagine automatically doing your reading, yoga, (or whatever is a part of your personal routine) with out getting in your own way. You don’t resist with thoughts of “I’ll do it later” or “I don’t want to”. You just daily do the task(s) that gets you closer to being the human you want to be.

Because a habit is something your brain does automatically with less energy needed… combined with the positive gratification you feel from doing what is important to you… Once your personal morning routine makes it into habitual mode, you feel more energetic + alive.

I like to think of personalized morning routine as a map. A direction of where to go to be the human you want to be. That is why I am so passionate about crafting a personal morning routine you’ll actually want to do.

If this has helped you and you’d like to share your insights with me, I would love to connect.

If you read through before writing anything down, here is your free work book:

Be well, live well, go after your dreams.

xo Cilia

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