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Designing the PERFECT Website (Key Elements)

designing the perfect website

A website is the virtual store front for your business, so designing the perfect website is KEY. This is easier than it may sound!

With a few simple elements, designing the perfect website can be a BREEZE. These steps work because they are rooted in putting on the shoes of people visiting your page. Your website is for them. Having their experience in mind allows you to design a site that will convert.

With so many businesses competing for attention, a clean design is absolutely necessary for your success. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression and keep your potential clients wanting to know more.

Let’s look into some crucial elements to have:

1. Whitespace

this is why your online business isn't making money

In just a few seconds, your potential client decides to either keep scrolling through your website or close the browser right away. Let’s keep them scrolling.

Whitespace refers to all the empty spaces in your website. This is NOT wasted space. Whitespace allows your content to really shine. It frames what you want to put into focus.

Less is always more in designing the perfect website. Go over all of your pages to get rid of any unnecessary elements is KEY.

Just like a clean room, a clean website is peaceful. A cluttered site will bring confusion, stress, and scare potential clients away.

Too much text or buttons will overwhelm your site visitors and they won’t read your site or click on the CTA (call to action) buttons you want them to.

You have to hold the hand of who visits your page. Guide them. Make it simple for them to know what you are about and what you want them to click on.

Take time to review your homepage. What text can you summarize? Are there images you can delete? Is too much information being shared?

You need a clean, simple design. Designing the perfect website is all about giving just enough information without being overwhelming.

2. Compressed Photos

Have you ever been on a website that takes waaay too long to load? Did you give up? I would. Your potential clients will too.

Compressing your photos makes the file size smaller so your page can load faster. Websites with slow load times almost always end up being closed.

I usually use Photoshop for this but you can find free image compressing sites with a quick google search.

I aim for getting my photos to be under 400k in size. Even smaller sizes are better as long as you’re happy with the image quality.

Also keep in mind, not everyone has a fancy shmancy iPhone or nice computer. Some visitors might be coming from slower internet connections. Keeping your photos compressed allows them to enjoy your website and potentially buy your product or service.

3. Clear introduction

Ok, your site has quickly loaded and it’s GORGEOUS because you implemented whitespace, what’s next? Having a clear 1-2 sentences on what you do is an absolute MUST.

Right on the homepage. Clear and easy to read. (So watch out for the images/font colors used!)

With a clear introduction, people know what you offer. No intro at all, and woop– they’re confused. Browser window closed. Or worse– off to your competitor.

Having this intro sparks curiosity in people who need what you offer. This group will continue scrolling to learn more about you.

If you’re stuck on this part, you might need to gain more clarity on who your business and target market is. In this post, I go over how to do this and offer you a free step-by-step PDF guide.

4. CTA (Call to action)

Right after your intro is the PERFECT place for your CTA. Think of what you want to achieve with your website. Do you want more email subscribers? More calls? Booked appointments?

A clear call to action guides your website visitors

A call to action is basically writing what action your audience should take like “sign up for today’s webinar” and then including a button they can click.

Put the most important website goal first by having that be your CTA. If you want more booked appointments, your CTA can be a button to your services page. If you offer a free phone call, that is a great button for a CTA.

Having a clear call to action allows you direct website visitors towards what you want them to do. Again, put yourself in their shoes when you design this. Use words that will inspire them to say YES to you. This goes back to holding their hand through your website.

Make sure your opt-in button stands out on your page. The color should pop against the page background. Keep the text minimal and easy to read.

5. Links Page

Chances are, you have social media for your business. If you’re on instagram, only ONE link is allowed in your bio.

Some accounts have found a way around this with LinkTree, but there’s no need. You’re already hosting your website. This is why you can simply design a page with all the links you want to share.

This can be done to look exactly like a LinkTree page! All you need is a page with buttons. Having this page on your site means your instagram traffic can go directly to your website. No more giving your traffic to a third party.

Another reason to have a links page is it gives your visitors a place of resource. If they know you link educational information on your site, they’ll always come back to read it. Same goes with linking to anything that your audience cares about.

Designing the Perfect Website is Easy

These simple, actionable steps can really take your webpages to the net level. Don’t overthink it.

Before you sit down and try these steps, make sure you are clear on your branding. Your website should be the last step in your business set up. Get clear on your branding with this post and free guide.

If you ever have any questions please connect with me!

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