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This is Why your Online Business Isn’t Making Sales

Are you stuck wondering when your time and money investments will finally pay off? You’re posting on social media, you have a website, and still: NOTHING. Well, have a scroll love I’m about to tell you why your online business isn’t making sales.

Your Online Business Isn’t Making Sales because: You don’t believe in yourself

Confidence or the lack of it, speaks LOUDLY when you are interacting with your audience. Maybe you know this is something you need to work on, or maybe you’re unaware of it.

This is Why your Online Business Isn't Making Sales

Here are some ways to uplevel your confidence:

Competence = Confidence

  • Never stop learning about your industry. The more you know the more confident you will be.
  • Recognize what skills you can learn to improve not only your business but personally yourself. (Really dive deep here and be kind with yourself)
  • Hire people who are more skilled than you so you can focus on what you do best.

Get EXTREMELY clear on your Dream Client

  • Create an avatar for your perfect client with as many details as possible (get a free guide here)
  • Design content that speaks to your dream client that is not only your product or your service. You can even re-share things from other accounts if you think your market is interested in the topic (also if it’s a bigger account than yours, you open yourself up to that following)
  • Engage with your current audience by messaging them. This can be clients or followers online. Listen to what they need so you can creatively come up with ways to serve them.
This is Why your Online Business Isn't Making Sales because you can't do everything alone

Create Structure

  • Designate times for different areas of work. And know when to turn work off. Do not overwork yourself, the cost is not worth it and it will not bring you success. (You’ll just show up as tired and desperate)
  • Be COMMITTED to reaching out to new people at least 5 days a week. This is your lead generation and will pay off over time. This is a trick I learned while managing a Real Estate office and it works as long as you are consistent.
  • Schedule in time to take care of yourself. The state of your physical and mental health will be reflected in your business. Taking care of you can be seen as taking care of your business.

Charge Your Worth

  • Never give a huge discount. You offer value and there are clients out there that will see that value and be happy to pay you.
  • Reflect on how you speak to yourself, what do you feel you are worthy of? Is this holding you back? How can you shift it?
  • Realize that the more you can charge, the quicker you can reach your income goals with less stress.


  • Write down your desired income. Divide this by the cost of your product or service. This tells you how many sales you need to make. Break this up into how many sales you need to make each day and focus on that.
  • You do not need a business plan. Instead make an attainable plan for every 90 days for yourself. Something you are committed to executing.
  • Always include self development. You are a human being and your emotions, and health deserves to be nurtured always.

Your Online Business Isn’t Making Sales because: Your Content isn’t Engaging

People go on social media to relax and to be entertained. Posting 50 photos of just the product you sell is BORING. No one wants to engage with a constant advertisement.

engaging content will draw in new clients

Here are some ideas to creating engaging content:

Short Videos

  • IG reels are having a big moment on Instagram right now
  • Videos on Pinterest stand out from images
  • Youtube has everything you need to learn how to do this

Go Live

  • Going live on Facebook is the #1 way to grow on the platform.
  • Your first time will be scary, but it gets better with time
  • Have fun with it. Share what you are up to behind the scenes, teach them something, do a Q and A session. There’s so much you can do!

Be Human

  • People NEED to know who they are buying from!!!! Especially if you are running a new and small business. Share who you are, people will buy your product over the competition if they like you.
  • Show up on your stories and teach a quick tip or give some quick motivation for the day
  • Share the story behind why your company was created. People LOVE stories!

Ask For an Action

  • In your posts, ask people to take an action. (“click the link below” “comment with your fave emoji” “sign up for our training”,etc…)
  • Use polls, questions, and quizzes on Instagram
  • Send a short email to your mailing list asking them a question and telling them to respond to you!

Play into What is NEEDED

  • Ask your audience what they are struggling with, what they love, connect with them.
  • Write like you are speaking to your perfect client when you write your online content.
  • Offer your audience value by teaching them something they want to learn. You can creatively tie it back to your service or product. If people get value from you, they are going to want to give something back to you so this is a great way to gain trust.

You Can’t do it Alone

If you don’t do it yourself it won’t be done correctly, right? WRONG. So wrong. We sabotage ourselves when we spread ourselves too thin in trying to do all the things.

Here are some ways support can help you:

having support helps you achieve more

Get help for things outside of business

  • Do you spend time cleaning your home? Can you get help with someone you live with (or hire someone if you’re reading this post-COVID)? Think of this as time you get back and time you can instead invest in yourself or your business.
  • Automate your food. This can look like having an online grocery order that automatically is set up with the essentials in your home. It can even look like sticking to a certain meal daily so it’s can become habitual with out any decision making thinking needed. (Like making a smoothie every morning as breakfast)
  • Working on yourself should be never ending. We can always improve the human beings we are. The improvements are magnified when you have the help of a coach, therapist, or even a free facebook group.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

  • Facebook groups with other entrepreneurs is a major reason why I even have my own business today. There are people here who have gone through the journey and can answer your questions. You can collaborate with people you meet on facebook groups and you might even find your clients there!
  • Get out of the mindset that you need to be in competition with others. There is room and space for us all to be successful.
  • See what works for other businesses and get inspired (but never copy) from what they are up to

Have a Growth Plan

  • Your success is only magnified when you hire help. Don’t get stuck with the cost of their salary because you will make that back and then some.
  • Having people outside of yourself working on your business will expand what you could have achieved on your own.
  • An accountant should be the first person you hire. We want to make sure your business is not a hobby and you are actually getting paid. Your accountant will keep you in check with that and will stay on top of when it’s time for you to file your quarterly taxes.

If outsourcing seems impossible, at least have a plan for when you will hire someone in the future. Fiverr is also a great place to outsource small things when you’re not ready for a full time employee.

Now that you’ve learned why your online business isn’t making sales, are you committed to taking the action steps to turn things around for you?

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