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How to Uncover Your Target Audience (+free guide)

finding your target audience online

If you’re creating a business, first you MUST know how to uncover your target audience. This can seem hard and complicated but it’s actually pretty simple!

All it takes is time, but trust me this time investment is worth it!!!

Sometimes when I have calls with potential clients, they don’t see the value in knowing who their dream client is. They don’t want to limit themselves by niching down to a small group.

There are over 8 billion people in this world, so a “small” group is really not that small.

You might think this too, but why should you know how to uncover your target audience?

It can seem frustrating to have to spend time on this, but honestly it’s so difficult to create a brand if you don’t know who you’re creating it for.

uncovering your target audience can seem difficult

Tell me if this has happened to you:

You decide you want to build a business doing _____________ so you choose a name, colors you think are pretty, font you like, you draw up a logo

….but then a month later, you want to change that all up. You think it’s looksing better but…

a month later you change it again.

And it becomes this never-ending cycle of not being 100% confident in your brand, your direction, and what value you have to offer.

I’ve been there, and I don’t want this for you.

So much time could be saved by holding your horses on the excitement of choosing the visuals for your brand (if that’s the part you like the most, like me!)

To help get you started I have created a free mini version of the guide I use with my branding clients to uncover their authentic self, dream clients, and brand messaging.

Many new clients seem overwhelmed at first when I ask them simple questions about who their dream clients are.

“But how do I know what they are watching on TV?” they’ll ask me.

You might wonder this too, but guess what?

You get to decide! How you uncover your target audience is actually really easy in the beginning.

Decide what type of people you want to work with.

Then go out and find them.

From here, find out what they need help with, what they are struggling with, what they love, who else they are following, etc.

Once you have all this info down, you can think about how you can use your skills to help them.

This will all take sometime but after you have all this down, that is when the magic happens!!

You’ll find yourself EASILY coming up with content to post on your blogs, podcast, social media, etc.

Knowing who you are talking to makes a HUGE difference.

It keeps you consistent and relevant so what you offer is something your dream clients will actually want!

How to Uncover Your Target Audience: Tap into Your Dreams

who do you dream of working with?

First, let’s take a moment for you to be totally creative and free.

Who would you want to work with RIGHT NOW that would be a dream come true for you? This doesn’t have to be a certain person but can be a specific type of person.

What are they interested in?

Are they a parent?

Do they volunteer?

Get specific on what you want first WITHOUT doubting yourself on whether or not you’re doing this right or wrong.

When I started with this I had no idea if I was “doing it right” and wondered “how would I know what magazines my dream clients are reading??”

But here’s the beauty in it: You get to decide.

If you want to work with people who are into saving the planet, write that on your list. Create as many details as you can so you can set yourself up for the next part of the plan.

The Next Step Find Your Target Audience Online

Now we want to go out and find your dream clients online. What facebook groups are they in? Which Reddit boards would they post on? What online accounts would you find them commenting on?

This is where the magic starts.

Start to engage and take note of what is being asked. What problems do they need solved?

Then, and this part might be uncomfortable, reach out to them! And not with the intention of selling yourself to them, but to be a human and make a genuine connection!

What info can you give them to solve something they are trying to overcome? Do you have a freebie you can offer them? Can the two of you talk about collaborating? Is there anything on their page you can complement them on?

Connect with them! The days of mass marketing for a small business are pretty much gone now. We have such an amazing opportunity with social media to connect at an intimate level with future clients: USE IT!!

Polls + Surveys

You can create a survey for free using google forms and share it with your social network.

I did this and sent it to people I had already been messaging with and their answers REALLY helped. I was surprised at what they needed vs what I assumed was needed.

Like I said before, you want to be sure what you offer even matters to your audience so doing this can help you brainstorm creative ideas to solving problems.

Media They Follow

Be aware of the accounts your target audience follows. What topics are being covered here? What questions are being asked?

Making yourself visible on these platforms can help you be seen. For example, if you know your target audience is reading Marie Claire magazine, commenting on those IG photos will get you noticed.

Speaking of comments, most people are not taking the time to leave meaningful comments on IG, so make sure you do this to stand out!

Uncover your Target Audience with Online Statistics

For helpful general information on the demographics of your dream clients, online resources like Statista can be very helpful.

Be willing to shuffle through articles, books, and the latest data for information that can help you get into the heads of your clients.

A simple example can be reading into women’s studies if your target audience is mostly women. You can even read up on how the brain works to understand how consumers make decisions.

Invest the Time

take time to research your target audience

All of these steps won’t be something you can do in a week. The more time you spend on this, you’ll uncover who your brand is meant to be.

Most of us will skip straight to the business name, logo, and visual elements.

I did the same thing!

But you know what’ll happen if you do that? You’ll end up wanting to change your brand elements (colors, logo, what you offer) down the line.

Save yourself that extra time of needing to change things around and file paperwork to change your business name!! Do the work of uncovering your target audience and you’ll build a brand you feel confident, clear, and excited about!!!

Have you downloaded your free guide yet?? Get it here:

If you’re ready for 1:1 guidance to creating your unique brand, let’s get in touch!

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