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Community Engagement as a Brand Strategy

While there are MANY Brand Strategies out there, today I will cover a FREE strategy I don’t see enough small businesses implementing. Community Engagement as a Brand Strategy.

But first, tell me if you ever say what I used to think: 

“People who found success got lucky”

This is NOT true. 

From the outside, a business or person may look like an overnight success, but the reality is they took a lot of little actions to get to where they are today. 

At first, a small action doesn’t really show results like going for a 20 min walk. But over time it seems like an overnight success like losing 100 lbs after going on a 20 min walk everyday for a year.

Leaving things up to luck is not a strategy. 

Every successful business got to where they are now because of the strategies they implement.

Before you read on, I want you to be aware of the first thoughts and hesitations that come to mind when I share it with you.

You might have heard this strategy before and thought “I don’t have time for that”

But I promise, it’s way worth the investment.

Ready for the strategy?

It’s Community Engagement.

Specifically, engaging online with a community of people that align with your brand’s values. Not waiting for people to engage with your content.

But isn’t it creepy to comment on accounts where people don’t know me yet?

NO! If they didn’t want you to interact with their content, the account would be private.

Community Engagement Brand Strategy

Why you need to be implementing community engagement into your Brand Strategy

  • The core of any business is always its relationships. Engaging is how you build more relationships. The more connections you can make, the more opportunities open for you. It’s that simple.

It’s like making friends. That’s why I think community engagement is a fun brand strategy.

But too many people take the fun out of this. They message people with the mentality of “Buy my product now or Good Bye, talk never.”

NOO!! Stop doing this!

You want to keep a conversation going. It’s totally okay if someone does not buy from you. The goal is to be at the top of someone’s mind when they or someone they know need what you have to offer. 

  • Word of mouth. Someone who doesn’t buy from you might refer a friend to you. They might give you a useful resource. They might be your invite to Clubhouse. YOU NEVER KNOW.
  • Making a real connection establishes trust. Something that can NEVER be done through a cold call or cold messaging.
  • Your audience is more than a number. They are real human beings. Connect to them as a real human. Again have fun with this! You get to go out there and make friends- for work!
  • There is no competition because there is only one of you or one of your business. No one can replicate the way it feels to interact with you online if you come from a genuine space.

How to Engage w/ your Online Community

  • First, define the values you and/or your company stands for. You want these values to be apparent in your captions, content, DMs, anywhere your brand has a voice.
  • Consistency is king here. (or queen) Engaging for 20 mins a day is way better than once a week for 5 hours.
  • Always respond, schedule in 3 short times per day to respond to comments and messages. How do you feel when someone responds to you a week later?
  • Find facebook groups that align with your target audience. Comment on posts and be helpful with the questions that are asked.
  • Message a “Thank you” to new followers and ask them about themselves.
  • DM a voice note or video to someone you are already talking to. Most people don’t do this, so you’ll stand out here.

Stay Committed

The thing about strategy: it’s a long term game. 

It will take a while to warm someone up with community engagement but you need to keep at it consistently. Once you have success, you still need to implement these strategies so new clients can always be coming your way.

That being said, don’t forget:

Engage with who is already following you or working with you!!! 

Most people put all their efforts into new clients, new followers, new customers, without any gratitude for who is already here. 

Nurture these people, they are who trust you the most. A customer that has bought from you once (and had a positive experience) is the easiest type of person to sell to again and will definitely recommend you to a friend!

And like we covered at the start of this post, the core of your business is your relationships. Don’t drop people once they’ve bought from you. Keep the relationship there. 

The positive presence you can have in someone’s online space is such a valuable asset because it will bring more business and resources your way!

Do you want a few more strategies to build your brand for free? Download my 5 Core Brand Strategies workbook for free here.

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