How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you have big aspirations, you might have had the pleasure of meeting our mutual friend: Ms. Imposter Syndrome. This post is all about how to overcome imposter syndrome so she doesn’t stop you in your tracks.

First off, let me explain why I gave imposter syndrome a gender.

Women are more likely to experience imposter syndrome.

No surprise there right? The media pushes on us what we “should” do, be, and look like. Constantly.

Of course we’d feel like frauds going after our own goals.

But it doesn’t matter how you identify. If you’re a high achiever, chances are you’ve run into this… lovely friend.

Let’s learn why imposter syndrome is lovely. This perspective is key to adjusting how you react to her.

Imposter Syndrome is proof that you Care!!

how to overcome imposter syndrome

If you didn’t give a flying fish about what you do for yourself, your family, your clients… why would you even feel imposter syndrome? You wouldn’t.

Experiencing this means you want to produce excellent results.

But you can’t produce excellent results if imposter syndrome stops you from taking action.

How you overcome imposter syndrome lies mostly in your relationship to it. So know that it is actually a positive sign.

It speaks highly of you that you care about the outcome of your actions.

Just know that even if you fail, it’s not really failure. Use your failed attempts as opportunities to regroup.

Learn from what doesn’t work to figure out what will work. “Failure” is always an opportunity to evolve.

The Comfort Zone

Your brain wants to protect you. At all times. Thoughts of not being “enough” to reach your goal is your brain’s way of protecting you.

This means you are breaking past your comfort zone. And since life is all about growth, SPOILER ALERT!! Imposter syndrome will always pop up.

But it’s all about how you react to her!

Start by observing the thoughts that come up when you experience imposter syndrome. Write them all down.

Next, think about how these thoughts might be trying to help you. Remember, your brain loves you and wants you to be safe. Write that down next to each thought.

Now, it’s obvious these thoughts don’t actually help otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post on how to overcome imposter syndrome. So ask yourself, what can you replace each thought with instead?

Meaning, the next time you are facing a new situation, how can you choose to react to the feelings that come up? How can you get curious about the newness of an experience?

How can you separate yourself from the thoughts that don’t actually help?

Step by Step: How to overcome imposter syndrome

  1. Observe what comes up. Don’t identify with the thoughts, observe them.
  2. Don’t label it as a bad thing. Embrace it so the feelings can be felt and pass through you.
  3. Follow the steps in the “Comfort Zone” section above
  4. Have a daily practice of deep breathing. This calms your nervous system and gets you out of your head.
  5. Stand tall daily. Whether you do yoga, or stand in a powerful superman posture for 5 minutes… use your body to cultivate confident thoughts and feelings.

Everyone feels Imposter Syndrome

The people you look up to, they feel imposter syndrome too. It’s a normal thing. This is a part of the process.

The only ones who can overcome imposter syndrome are the ones who can react to it in a healthy way. Embrace it but don’t take action from that anxious place. Maybe you can learn to smile when imposter syndrome gives you a visit because it’s a sign that growth is right around the corner.

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