What Should I Talk About Online?

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With Social Media being on the forefront of small business advertising, you might be thinking: ” What the heck should I talk about online??”

Once you narrow down your topics based on what your audience needs, the ideas will flow to you.

But social media is constantly being refreshed. Your post is “old” faster than the latest iPhone.

So, where can we direct our focus to work with confidence and ease?

Focus on your long form content: Blog, Videos, and/or Podcasts.

Don’t worry, you don’t need all three. Start with one then you can repurpose the same content into the remaining platforms.

Long form content helps you know what to talk about on social media because 10 IG posts can come out of one long form post!!

Why is long form content beneficial?

Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts stay in eyes and ears longer than your iPhone 5 did. As long as your content isn’t time sensitive, it can be relevant to online searches for YEARS!

And speaking of searches, this content is connected with search engines like Google. As of today, that’s not possible with Instagram. (but it’s being slowly integrated!)

Share your Story

share your story

People want to know what you’ve been through!! Life is full of ups and downs and when you hear about how someone has made it through something difficult, it’s really inspiring.

This will allow you to be vulnerable, make authentic connections, and share something REAL. How do you feel when you come across content that’s raw and real?

When it comes to sharing your story, see how you can relate what you’ve been through in life with your offerings. Add this into your branding and use this to develop a niche for yourself.

For example, you could be an Artist who teaches mom’s how to paint together with their kids so they can have time to bond.

That is SUPER specific and will draw people who align with this straight to you.

You will gain that trust with mom’s who want to bond with their kids if you’re a mom who was once wondering how to do the same and found a method that worked!

Don’t be afraid of “Niche”

If you read the last specific example of what you should talk about online and thought “‘Isn’t that limiting me to working with less people”

Yes, it is. But that’s exactly the point.

There are almost 8 BILLION people on this planet. Niching down in a specific way is still going to reach a lot of people. I’m sure there are millions of moms who would be interested in the previous offer.

Also remember: You’re not married to your niche! You can ALWAYS pivot. With time, you will definitely pivot and you can get more general as you grow.

But in the beginning make. your. offer. specific.

Because (I feel like a broken record here but) if you talk to everyone, you are talking to NO ONE.

Still figuring out how to niche? Check out this post.

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