Journal Prompts for more Clarity in your Business

Are you looking for more clarity in your business? Most of the clients, followers, and facebook group members ask me about this topic.

The unexpected thing you’ll find in being an entrepreneur is everything starts within you. What society told you about entrepreneurship is wrong.

You don’t need to be overworking and it’s okay to let your true self shine through.

I’m obsessed with helping you build a brand that’s aligned with your soul where you’re not wearing a “hat” while you’re working. You’re showing up as you really are.

And looking at who you are, what you’ve been through, and what you want moving forward will give you so much clarity.

Feel free to journal with these prompts pen to paper or in an audio format. Just make sure you actually give yourself the time and space to sit with these questions. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

Prompt 1: What was once a struggle for you that you’re now grateful for?

Looking at what you’ve overcome will help you find your strengths. This might be able to be related to your service. Or, it could offer as content so you’re not wondering what to talk about online.

Prompt 2: Is there anything you can talk about forever without needing any time to prepare?

This is a great opportunity to discover things you didn’t know you were passionate about.

Prompt 3: How do my friends describe me?

The more you know yourself, the better it is for your business. A strong sense of self will give you more confidence and will keep you from being coerced by the opinions or judgements of others.

Reach out to your friends and ask them about your strengths. Also ask them what you are good at giving advice on and what topics they love to bring up when you’re around.

This is probably one of my favorite prompts because I think it’s beautiful how your friends can be a mirror to show you things you might not have seen before. Hello clarity.

Prompt 4: What does a perfect day in the future look like to you?

Think of this prompt as creating a map. If you’ve never driven from Los Angeles to Seattle, you’re going to need a map (aka: google maps).

Same goes with your future. If you can get clear on exactly where you want to go, it will help you take action to get there.

And don’t just write this and forget it, look at this regularly to see what needs to be adjusted and/or get back in line with your vision.

Prompt 5: Why do you want to be successful in your business?

Here’s the thing with this prompt. You might already know your reason why but it might be something logical or selfish.

Your reason why needs to be bigger than you and it needs to come from your heart.

Do this by asking yourself “Why?” 6 more times. For example:

Q: “Why do you want to be successful in your business?”

A: “Because I don’t want a cap on my income.”

Q: “Why is not having a cap on your income important to you?”

A: “Because I want to provide to my family.”

Q: “Why is it important to provide for your family?”

A: “Because I want my kids to have more choices than I did.”

and so on.

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