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Connecting with your Root Chakra for more Cash Flow!!

In my first few months of businesses, I felt very stressed and pressured to make 6 figures right away. Everyone on Instagram was doing it (lol). If you can relate to that insecure feeling, I’m so excited to teach you how to connect with your root chakra for more cash flow!

Ok, I know there’s a lot of skepticism out there about “woo woo” things like chakras so let me explain why I think it’s important.

You can have the best strategy in the world, but the energy behind your actions will effect everything you do. Energy can build or destroy your strategy.

And especially in this area, the root chakra, where you’re dealing with your own sense of safety and security. Building a business is a huge risk. Not exactly ideal terms for healthy root chakra energy.

But luckily there are things you can do and I’m excited to share all the things that helped me reground and connect with my personal power.

What is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the very first energy point in the chakra system. It is located at the very base of your torso and is heavily connected with your legs and feet.

The element of this chakra is Earth and it is your connection to the ground below you. Your sense of stability, security, self-worth, and money stories live here.

Getting Out of Your Head

The over-lining arch of this whole post is all about getting out of your head and dropping into your body. It’s about getting comfortable with BEING instead of DOING MORE.

As a high achiever, I am really good at staying in my head and doing all the things. But that wasn’t sustainable for me and it wasn’t serving my business.

I know energy is everything and everything is energy so I dove into my chakra work. These exercises are very simple and easy to do and you’ll get the most out of them with consistency.

Before I did this work, I knew my branding business needed to pivot into coaching but I had no idea what I wanted to focus on with clients. I had so many ideas in my head that it was so hard to get things done.

Only until I grounded myself was I able to see my path ahead of me clearly. I could then focus my efforts intentionally and I stopped feeling burned out at the end of the day.

I’ll go in order of how I like to do these practices in my day but feel free to pick and choose how you like. As long as you can consistently ground yourself, you can get value out of this work.

Foot Love: Stomping, Massage, & Grounding

When I get out of bed, I gently stomp my feet into the ground. I do one foot at a time several times. So about ten stomps with the right foot, then the left.

I then do a quick self massage on my feet. This opens up energy channels in the feet and also feels really good.

Next, I stand with my feet below my hips, slight bend in my knees and I press my feet into the ground. I ground even further by imagining I’m trying to tear the ground below me without moving my feet. This activates all the muscles in your legs, and extension of the root chakra.

This practice has made me more aware of my feet throughout the day. I have moments where I ground my feet and/or legs during conversation or while walking.

Breath Work & Meditation

This is an obvious way to ground yourself but I use specific things to balance my root chakra here.

The mantra for the root chakra is “Lam”. You can say it silently to yourself or in your head while you meditate. There are also youtube videos repeating this mantra for meditation purposes.

Because the root chakra deals with security & abundance, there are specific affirmations that can help you connect with your root chakra. For example:

I am safe and secure

I am protected by the universe

I have everything that I need

Abundance is all around me

It is safe to be myself

You can find root chakra affirmation meditations for free on youtube.

Be With Nature

Connect with your root chakra for more cash

I was on a hike with my dad a few years ago in a thick Connecticut forest and he told me “Did you know within a few minutes of breathing in fresh forest air, it changes our blood chemistry”

Nature is extremely grounding because the root chakra has the energy of Earth and matter. It’s a reminder that we are of this Earth. And our sense of smell is tied to this chakra, so breathe in some fresh air whenever you can.

Cedar is a good incense scent for connecting with the root chakra. But anything Earthy will do.

I make a point to walk to the park near my home every morning and instantly feel a shift in energy when I’m surrounded by greenery and am breathing near the trees.

When I do this, I make a point to really be with my surroundings with non judgmental observation. Use this as time to put work thoughts on hold and take in your surroundings.

Nourishing Foods

Since the root chakra is all about survival, nourishing your body adequately is one of the best things you can do for your root chakra.

If you’re well fed, your energy is calm and you can make more sales. Having your needs met from the nourishment standpoint sets you up for success.

I also want to remind you of one thing. What is on your plate will become your fingernails, your brain cells, your thoughts. Your food becomes your body. Proper nourishment will energetically give you stability and security.

Since red is the color for the root chakra, some people advise to eat red foods. I don’t recommend that because a red beet doesn’t have the same energy as a red strawberry. Remember, grounding to earth and primal survival lives at the root chakra. Foods I recommend are proteins and root vegetables for their grounding qualities.


I’m huge on journaling and I see it as a space where I get to have a conversation with myself. It helps me get my thoughts out of my head so I don’t have to carry them to bed.

Your sense of security, stability, and trust is what the root chakra is all about. So for me it helped to journal on my abundance goals.

Taken straight out of Think and Grow Rich, I wrote a money statement of how much I will bring in, by when, and what I will do in return. I laid out a plan for making this goal happen and I read it to myself every day.

I wrote my limiting beliefs around money down, then tore out that page and burned it.

I then wrote pages and pages of money affirmations. And I listen to abundance affirmations everyday.

Your Money Energy Lies Here

Money is just energy. Aligning yourself with the income you want brings it to you. If your cash flow isn’t where you want it to be, start connecting with your root chakra daily.

If you’re interested in more energy alignment with your money goals and want to make more money while working less within 90 days, this is what I help my 1:1 clients with. Click here to learn more and book a free call with me.

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