Some Spiritual Healing Methods I use and why

Your energy is what’s going to make or break your success as an entrepreneur. What you are feeling and thinking is what you’ll attract and this is why I’m so passionate about sharing spiritual healing to help entrepreneurs make more money while working less.

While my 1:1 sessions are customized to fit your needs, here are some of the modalities we might use together and why:

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

I got my EFT/TFT Practitioner’s Certification because this method worked so well for me. EFT uses meridian points on your body along with intentional phrases to free you from heavy emotions.

And what you feel, you attract.

The best part about EFT is that you do it on yourself so it can be done virtually and you get to have it as a tool to do at any time, forever!

I use EFT because it gives you the space to feel your heavy emotions and then release them. Rather than just pretending you’re okay and bottling up your feelings. I’ve found EFT to be so helpful with anxiety, mild depression, stress, and imposter syndrome.

It’s so customizable too, so we can use it to work on the fears you might have around showing up on social media, selling, and success in general.

Breath Work

I’m a trained and experienced yoga teacher (that’s what I was doing before the pandemic) and breath work has to be one of my favorite exercises from the yoga system. (Yup, it’s so much more than just stretching!)

You can benefit so much from breath work especially because:

  • Every emotional state change starts with your breathing changing
  • The practice of being aware with your breath helps train your muscles of focus so that you can have better focus throughout your day.
  • Most people live their whole lives without intentionally taking a deep breath in!!

Breath work is more than taking deep breaths, there are specific patterns and it’s literally magical. I sound so woo woo and I don’t even care 😁

If you’re into all things “woo woo”, we might just be soul sisters. Let’s connect on instagram.

Chakra Healing

The chakra system is such a profound way to work on specific energy blocks in your life. Each chakra can correspond to a different part of your business.

I love chakra work because there are many ways to balance these energy centers. The two already mentioned (EFT and breath work) can be used along with mantras, guided mediations, color therapy, specific yoga poses, and so much more.

I use chakra work because it can help you do two major things: get more confident, and make sales. There’s a specific energy current for growing your confidence called the liberating current. And there’s a current called the manifesting current.

In my free facebook group, I will be using chakra work to help you manifest goals. Beginning with a vision board/goal setting session and then moving through the chakra points each day to manifest your goals. (This is happening Sept 30-Oct 8, 2021 and the replays will be in the guides section!)

In my signature program, Grounded Growth, I might use chakra work with you and it will be customized to where you are now and where you want to get to. Typically, we’d start with root chakra work to ground you. A strong, stable energy base is essential to not burning out. Find more about the root chakra here.

Your Energy is Everything

Before my coaching was focused on spiritual healing, I was a brand strategist. I still think strategy is so important but the energy behind it is what will make or break it. That’s why I’m so passionate about this work.

Ready to start seeing more income without feeling depleted at the end of the day? My 4 month 1:1 mentorship and coaching program, Grounded Growth, will give you unique support based on your goals and quantum reality. Find out more by clicking here.

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