Benefits of Spiritual Work for your Business

When I say I help entrepreneurs make you more money while working less within 90 days through spiritual healing, I usually hear two questions:

“How can spiritual work boost my business?”


“What exactly is spiritual work?”

The spiritual work I share with clients are things that support your mindset, your spirit, your emotions, your health, your body, basically you as a whole spiritual being.

Sounds super “woo woo”, I know but that’s me 🤷🏻‍♀️ and IT WORKS!!

When you started toying with the idea of creating a business you probably went straight to work in learning marketing, copywriting, creating content…

You went into this never ending list of things you need to do. Because, I get it, when you start out you might need to do all the things by yourself before you outsource.

But when you’re not spiritually aligned with yourself, a lot of time could be wasted. You could be fumbling with your website for months. You could be creating Instagram posts for hours or days.

When you could be doing things that actually pay your bills.

Spiritual work can help you develop that awareness of actually moving the needle forward. Because you deserve to get PAID. Your business is a business, not a hobby.

So let’s look into some of the benefits of spiritual work as a business owner:

Spiritual Work gives you Better Focus

The online world is so distracting and busy. Especially when you have to show up as a business owner.

With spiritual work, you develop your focus and concentration muscles. This helps you get things done quicker and helps you work on high priority things.

Getting more done in less time is golden as a solopreneur. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few examples of modalities that benefit your focus:

Connecting with yourself through mediation literally changes your brain to develop better focus.

Breath work gives you a tool you can use when you notice yourself getting distracted.

EFT can help you drop the stress and get back into your goals for the day.

To find a full list of the modalities I use and why, check out this post.

Stronger Momentum with Business Strategies

You can find business and marketing strategies for days online. And you might have tried on a few of them.

But they only work when your energy is aligned with your goals. Without the right mindset, you might be able to reach a goal but you won’t sustain it over time.

What’s more important than the strategies you follow is the energy behind them. With spiritual healing your energy will be in a more positive place. You’ll be better equipped to support yourself on days when energy is low to get you back in alignment.

The momentum you’ll have from there will allow you to get the best results possible from the strategies you implement.

Fun to note: In my signature program, Grounded Growth, I also explore strategies with you but our main focus is your personal connection with yourself aka spiritual work.

Spiritual Work gives you More Clients and Sales

Everything in your business is a reflection of your inner world. When you nurture your inner world through spiritual work, you can show up for others in a valuable way.

This means you have more energy to be visible on social media. You have the capacity to connect with people at a human level. And you have the confidence to ask for the sale.

How amazing does that sound? I’m so passionate about this work because it’s helped me grow so much and I’m honored I get to share it with you.

Ready to use spiritual healing to make more money in your business while working less within the next 90 days? Check out my signature program.

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