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5 Signs You need Some Spiritual Healing to Benefit your Business

There is so much noise about mindset being the most important thing for a business owner to cultivate. I think the reason why this is so pushed is because for so long, men dominated and still do in the entrepreneur world.

Us women are more intuitive and you might be someone who (no matter your gender identity) has worked on your mindset but still feels like there’s something missing.

Or maybe, like me, you’re investing in programs and not getting the outcome you thought even though your mindset work is regular.

What was missing for me was the FEELING part. I talk more about why mindset is only half of the equation in this post and about the benefits of spiritual healing in this post.. but today I want to give you signs to look out for so you know that spiritual healing can benefit your business.

I made a fun reel about this on Instagram, check it out here.

SM is scary

If you’re afraid to show your face on camera, you might need some spiritual healing. You might be afraid of judgement from others or saying the wrong thing.

Spiritual healing can release that so you don’t give a sh*t what others say because you realize that they DO NOT DEFINE YOUR WORTH!!

Sales calls are triggering

Something really interesting might be happening on your sales calls. And this happened to me too.

You’re not selling. Not giving your price. OR: when you do give your price, you’re not exploring the obstacles people throw at you. Because you automatically think “Omg this person thinks I’m too expensive”

This is such an icky place, I soooo get it! It felt even worse for me when I learned sales calls through someone with a super masculine step-by-step strategy approach (which that miiight work for you but doesn’t for me)

I tried the “handling objections” and just felt sleazy. But with spiritual healing, you can change your perspective.

Instead of looking at a call as “making the sale” or “I HAVE to book this client becuase I have x,y,z bills to pay”….

…you instead come from a place of service. How can you serve this client in front of you? That sometimes takes being brave enough to call them out on an reason not to work with you when it’s actually a limiting belief or an untrue statement.

But, you’re doing it from a place of love– not in a forceful way because you have a spiritual practice and spiritual coach (me 🙋🏻‍♀️) to guide you.

Money is “hard”

Ok, money mindset is huge online… but what about money FEELING. Like, what feelings do money bring up for you? Are you ready to release that?

This is something I help my clients with, click here to learn about my 3-month container.


Spiritual healing helps you accept and embrace your anxiety. I also help you separate what is going on in your head from what you FEEL in your body. As someone who has lived with anxiety her whole life, I know being held back in your business from anxiety feels like absolute sh*t. That’s why I’m here to help!!

Imposter Syndrome

This lovely feeling (that all entrepreneurs feel) is really just a lack of self trust. With spiritual healing work, you will learn how to relax into your own being. You will learn that you are trustworthy.

Get my freebie, Unsilenced, where I share my simple 3-step system to freeing yourself from Imposter Syndrome here.

All of these above things are things I have lived through in my own life and my spiritual practice has helped me get out of my own way. If you’re ready to get out of your own way, let’s work together.

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