How to Stand Out Online

There’s so much noise on social media these days and you might feel like your market is saturated. You might be feeling discouraged to show up online in fear of failure. But don’t you worry my friend, you’re about to learn how to stand out online through this post. It’s simple, easy, and you can start today 😉

Be Human

The basic piece of this whole concept of how to stand out online is to be yourself. Be a real human being. And remember that the numbers behind your followers, email subscribers, or whoever you are creating content for or messaging… they are more than a number. Each number represents a human being. With a heart, a belly, deep desires and pains just like you ❤️

Embrace and take ownership of your authenticity and you will be rewarded for it.

Your communication is unique and people will feel that when they interact with you. Your authentic self expression is the key to turning your passion into profit. I talk about that more in this blog post.

Have Systems in Place from Day One

If your energy leans more towards the feminine side this might make you cringe. But you need at least a little bit of structure (aka masculine) to hold your feminine. So a rigid plan isn’t what I mean… it’s more of a commitment to do certain things.

Some ideas are:

Messaging your new followers. You can have a copy/paste message in your notes but also add something personal that has to do with their profile or last post. (Pro tip: ask them a question at the end to get a conversation going and to circle back to the last point: BE HUMAN)

Have a set day for specific content. So going live every Monday or having a mini training on your stories every Tuesday. Something you can consistently stick to.

Intentional Use of your time. When you use your social platforms, have a specific goal/task so you don’t get sucked into your apps. A motto I like to live by is “I create before and more than I consume”

Be consistent. What I’ve mentioned above are all just suggestions, you don’t have to do anything. But this is the ONE key that will help you. Do what you can stay consistent with.

Take Care of Yourself

The inner world of you, the CEO of your business, is the most important. This is where your results manifest.

Pouring into your cup will help you show up with consistency, stay creative with ideas, and magnetize your energy.

This is why I lead with Quantum Self Love in how I run my business and how I work with clients.

You are your Brand

As a service based entrepreneur, you are your business. So when it comes to branding choose what is true for you. I know that’s contrary to what’s normally taught about branding but as long as you are a living, breathing embodiment of your work your branding will attract soul mate clients.

Connect to Monetize

Using these tools will help you connect with your audience so you can monetize on your passion and get paid to be you! To dive deeper into standing out online, check out my social media course for new and aspiring online service providers, Connect & Monetize here.

Thank you for reading this post!! Xo, Cilia

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