Benefits of taking a break from IG

I’ll specifically be referencing Instagram for this post because that’s where I live most on socials. But you can apply this to any platform.

Journal Prompts for clarity in your business

If you get serious FOMO when thinking about taking a step back from being on the gram, I get you.

If you’re a business owner feeling “scared that people will unfollow me” or “taking a break will hurt my sales”, I get you.

Or, my favorite one, if you talk yourself out of taking a break in the name of “consistency”

I’ve done all of these…

And honey, if you’re depleted, there’s no point in showing up.

Here me out, this will all make sense at the end.

But showing up on Instagram is SO easy once you get a few things in place which I’m telling you here, let’s get into it:

Intentional Manifestation

Have you ever found yourself reaching towards a bunch of different goals at once? Maybe some of them are goals you think you “should” be chasing as a coach or service provider?

I know I’ve done this. The “Consistent $10k month” is huge in the coaching space especially from people who like to market to us coaches.

But is this really the goal you want to focus on right now?

Remember to make your first $10k, you have to first make $5k.

To make your first $5k month, you have to make $1k…and so on.

The goals you chase should make sense with what you’re offering.

And when you take a break from Instagram, you get to listen.

To your inner wisdom.

You get to connect to your heart’s desires.

You get to define what success is to you.

And this makes you less susceptible to doing all the things and getting nowhere.

When you take an action in your business because you heard it was what you “should be doing” from that free masterclass you took… you’re missing the mark.

I’m not saying free masterclasses give BS information. But when you learn something new, ask yourself if the action and the outcome/goal align with what you truly desire.

Step back to go within, get quiet to listen to your inner wisdom, and follow your heart’s path ❤️

Clearing to Receive

Your inner world is constantly manifesting its nature & reality into the physical realm.

So when you take a break from scroll land for an extended time, your mind gets a chance to unclutter.

I heard Jay Shetty once describe checking social media first thing in the morning as “letting people walk all over your house with their dirty shoes” and I thought that was a good analogy because other people’s lives take up your attention… and there’s a point where that can turn into too much and into a self sabotaging behavior.

This quiet space is how the voice of your inner wisdom can come to you.

And when you get intentional with what you want to manifest, you know what needs to be cleared.

From who you follow, the freebies and course content you have saved on your computer, the notebooks full of notes and ideas, the beliefs holding you back, the habits that aren’t supporting you…

And as you clear everything that is not serving you in your life and business you get to receive creative ideas from your intuition and you receive aligned clients

Mental Health

This is an obvious one but I thought it was important to chat about. Of course you know IG is the highlight reel of everyone’s life but your brain still might get into comparison mode from time to time.

Or maybe you get super distracted by getting sucked into Reels and not getting your newsletter emails written or finalizing the structure of your offer.

It can also be overwhelming all the information that it cripples you to be able to make your own unique content. I experience this with reels and find that it serves my creativity so much more to use songs I love listening to in real life instead of paying so close attention to what audio’s are trending.

With a break from the gram, your mental space will get to experience:

-Better Focus (From getting clear on what you want to manifest)

-More Creativity (From connecting with your intuition)

-More Confidence (From not comparing yourself to others all day)

When to take a break

Honestly, whenever you want. Take a week off here and there if that’s what your body is asking for. Share that with your audience and you’ll inspire them to use social media more intentionally.

I usually take a break every Thursday, that’s the lowest engagement day and I like to have a week day off of showing up so I can focus on just my clients and/or any podcast editing.

I also take a break when I’m on my period or at least the first 3 days. I move everything to just BE. I want to get into this more specifically, so look out for that in a future post.

During the winter I take a break from Thanksgiving until the second week of the year. I do this because I want to focus on family and my energy is usually sleepy this time of year from the weather and all the holiday food and desserts (are you a foodie too?)

Closing Thoughts

You deserve a break.

If social media is overwhelming and stressful, you might need a few.

I took about 4 month long breaks spread out between 2021 and then the beginning of 2022.. and I honestly attribute those times away for how I’m able to show up and grow my audience today.

It was uncomfortable to have thoughts of “what if people unfollow me?” or “What if this hurts my business?” but honestly that’s juicy shadow work material for you to work through. (Again something for a future post!)

So my beautiful reader, when will you take your next social media break and for how long? Tell me on Instagram so I can hold you accountable!

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