How to Use Social Media Consciously

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You might be burned out from showing up on socials or just about ready to delete your account.

Frustrated that growth isn’t happening…

or blaming social media for being bad for your mental health… (I’ve been here too)

When really it’s all about how you use it!

By shifting your mindset, actions, and thoughts around social media you can learn how to use it more consciously for your business

One: Declutter your digital space

Your feed will be less crazy if you unfollow most celebrities, big accounts that post a lot, or anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

I find celebrity accounts to be such a distraction like why am I keeping up with the life of someone I don’t know?

Unless you’re truly getting value from their presence or celeb media is part of your profession, you don’t need to be following every big time account.

Keep just a few that you really love if you must, whose content makes you feel good.

If you notice yourself spending more time than you want on an account just for entertainment reasons, I’d unfollow them at least on your business account. This is work people 😂

Two: Organize your DMs

Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to use a spreadsheet (🤮)

Lol, organizing your DMs is SO much easier than that.

First, go to your DMs and for anyone you don’t really know (unless you want to build a relationship with them) move them to your general inbox.

Reserve your primary inbox only for the people you want to regularly be talking to.

And of course, don’t forget to tap the general tab once in a while so those don’t go unchecked

I honestly did this last night and today it was so easy to finally get back to DMs that have been backed up this year.

So much less stress, I highly recommend it.

Three: DM only on your computer

This is for you if you get a lot of DMs: Don’t use your phone to respond unless you’re doing voice notes.

It’s WAY faster to type on a keyboard with all ten fingers (or however many fingers life blessed you with) rather than JUST TWO THUMBS. It’s soooo slow with 2 thumbs which brings me to my next point..

Four: Set timers

When I respond to DMs on my computer, I go to google first and type in “timer”. I set the google timer for 15 mins and because I’m not typing with just two thumbs on my phone I’m always amazed at how many messages I get through in that time.

I also use a 15 min timer to comment on content.

There’s also a timer setting within the app where IG will pop up a message that it’s time for you to take a break. I set this for 20 mins because your girl is a recovering insta addict (hence how I have all these tips for ya!)

A second timer option is within your phone setting where the app will lock itself after the amount of time you decide. I have this but tbh, when the notification comes up I hit the 15 more minutes option 🙈 but I’m getting there

how to stop running your business as a hobby

Five: Take a Break

You only need to be visible consistently, not daily. So I highly recommend taking two days off a week at least. You deserve that.

And sometimes an extended step back to refresh & reassess your strategy is just what you need. Read about the benefits of taking a social media break here.

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