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Hi! I'm Cilia

Spiritual Healing Coach for Female Service-Based Entrepreneurs

I help get you grounded and give you practices to release your emotions. Through embodiment, you will get aligned with the right clients, offerings, and it will help you make more money with less hustle.

I'm on a mission to create a world where more women are confidently stepping into their leadership and living the life they love.

The business and life you love is waiting for you to design it and I am here to support you!


Having grown up in America as a German immigrant, I was taught to hide who I was in fear of being "caught". This combined with super strict parents really blocked me from expressing myself fully and gave me massive anxiety.

My whole life has been a journey of stepping into my authentic, bold self expression. Now I'm here to do the same for other women.

A world where all women are empowered is a better world for all of us since women make the humans!


Life prepared me for coaching by giving me and endless list of things to heal within myself, access to healers, educators, and programs... plus a heart that loves to connect with all beings.

I am certified in EFT, Yoga & Meditation

I'm most active on Instagram, come say hi to me there! @selfexpressedbabe

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