Dynamic Body

A movement membership for embodied women


The typical yoga class is great butttt...how much better would those session be with some booty poppin'? πŸ˜‚

When I was in yoga teacher training in 2015, it was drilled into me to play songs of a certain bmp, with as little lyrics as possible...

The classes were traditional and beautiful but I got bored after 5 years of the same.

March 13, 2020 I took a step back from teaching while the whole world shut down.

Since I've been away from teaching, my practice has changed so much.

I learned about embodiment, divine feminine energy, sexual healing...

And I just could NOT do the same old static sun salutations to calming music anymore πŸ₯±

So I asked myself: "If I wasn't so afraid to break the rules, how would I lead myself in my yoga practice?"

And a new chapter of movement was born for me.

Dynamic Body's roots comes from traditional yoga but makes room for breaking the rules!πŸ”₯

Dynamic Body's roots comes from traditional yoga but is attuned to the female pelvis (traditionally, alignment in yoga poses has been taught to be supportive for the male pelvis, which is narrower)

Dynamic Body's for you if you want a new, fun way to move in community.

Dynamic Body's for you if you just couldn't get into yoga bc the classes had you yawning (I see you!)

This space is a mindful, embodied way to move your body & develop a more loving relationship with yourself so that you can radiate with unwavering confidence πŸ”₯

As a woman or non binary being, you'reΒ  probably tired of all the rules and perfectionism pushed onto BODY.

"Move THIS way. Dress THAT way. Speak like THIS"

πŸ₯± Idk about you, but I'm bored of other people telling me how my body should look, move, or feel.

It's time to drop into what is real for you.

It's time to take back your power and integrate the TRUTH that your body is:Β 


πŸ”₯Worthy AF

πŸ”₯Sacred AF


😍So beautiful!!!!


A woman who knows ⬆️ this ⬆️, THERE'S NO HOLDING HER BACK. She's authentically confident, self expressed, and deeply connected with her body.

And deep body connection is *everything*

Especially in our go-go-go, hustling, and fast paced modern world.

get empowered

be in your power (that already exists within you!!)

This space is for:

Women and/or humans with a female pelvis (which is wider than the male pelvis so alignment is different)

All body shapes, sizes & ethnicities ❀️

You if you desire to move your body more but you feel bored or unmotivated with the type of movement/workouts you've been exposed to

You if you want to connect with your body more

What's Inside:

Weekly live dynamic mindful movement class with replay (think if yoga and dance made a baby)

Live Embodiment Sessions 1x/month

Pre-recorded & live guided breath work practices

Pre-recorded anatomy alignment videos

Monthly check-ins so you can request what new content you want to see in your backend portal!

Guest masterclasses and/or guided sessions on the following topics: Self Love/Care, Sensuality, Body Connection, Mindfulness, Movement, and more

Founding Members: $25/monthly

Meet your Guide:

new selfie

Hi, I'm Cilia! I found yoga in 2014 as a stressed out pattern maker in the fashion industry.

I'd always heard about yoga and "the weird hippy crowd" and what stuck with me was that yoga was good for relieving stress. So I tried a class.

This was a sunrise beach yoga class on 3rd street miami beach and I remember tears of JOY AND BLISS streaming down my face while looking up at my hands in warrior one... the sunrise made the sky pink and beautiful, my body felt lovelyyyy getting into these stances and my mind kept saying: "You're home. You're finally where you are meant to be."

I kept coming back before my 9am workday to practice on the sand with the sunrise and the serene morning quiet.

It was hard to step away from the fashion industry because of how hard I worked to get my degree but my soul knew I had to follow this yoga path and see where it leads.

At the end of 2016, I did my 200 hour training in Hatha Vinyasa yoga with Lightrail Yoga in Miami Beach.

I started teaching right away, it kinda happened without me trying.

Before I knew it, I was teaching full time and managing a yoga and barre studio in 2017.

I've taught in Florida, Connecticut, California, and New York was where I was when the 2020 lockdown hit.

My practice started dwindling in 2021 because I honestly was so bored of following the traditional rules. And don't get me wrong, I loveeee me a traditional yoga class with singing mantras and all the beautiful infusions from Hinduism.

It was at that time I started deeply exploring embodiment work, divine feminine work, and sexual healing.

Coming back to practicing, I just couldn't move in the same mechanical way. Mellow, chill playlists weren't doing it for me anymore.

I wanted what no yoga studio was brave enough to do: a merging of tantric embodiment work combined with yoga made specifically for the female pelvis.

I'm honored to have you on this page and to finally share with others how I've been leading myself through movement since 2021.

If you have any questions, message me on Instagram @selfexpressedbabe

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