FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is an initial phone call required to book with you?

Yes. I like to speak to my clients before working together to make sure we are a correct fit. If your time zone or schedule does not allow time for a call, we can communicate via email.

How to you develop a clear Brand vision for your Branding Package Clients?

I do this by offering an initial 20 minute phone call where I gather info about where you are on your journey. Next, I send you some questionnaires designed for you to ask yourself to get clear on your brand. Then we have a 30 minute 1:1 video or phone call to further discuss the questions and see how I can support you next. I send more questions and exercises and we have a second and final clarity call.

Once these two calls are completed, we know how to move forward with your brand colors, fonts, voice, vision, etc.


What is the timeline for completing a Branding Package?

For my clients who have came to me completely clear on who their audience + brand is, Branding packages have been created for them in as little as two weeks. For unclear clients, it has taken 1-2 months.


If I am completely unclear on who my Brand is, what can I expect when purchasing your branding package?

Expect to work together to gain clarity. I am here to support you. Also expect it to take time and you must be willing to put in time to sit with branding questions and dive into research. Developing a brand takes time but it's worth it.


Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, I offer payment plans breaking up my services in 4 equal payments. However, creative projects will not begin until 50% is paid.


Do you accept American Express?

Yes, once we decide to work together I send you an invoice through Stripe.com which accepts all major credit cards.


What platform do you use for web design?

I use weeknight website, a WordPress based web design platform. I also use my basic HTML + CSS knowledge to further utilize this platform.


How do I manage the backend of my website after we work together? For example, if I have a blog?

When I deliver your final website, I can walk you through any backend processes that you may need to repeat in your unique business.


What is the web design process like when working with you?

  1. We have a call so I get to know your needs + goals.
  2. I send you questionnaires to get to know your Brand.
  3. I create wireframes and send them to you for approval.
  4. I create a full Adobe XD mock up of your website for approval.
  5. I go into Weeknight Website to create your final website.


Are there any extra costs to your web design package?

Yes, once we are ready to create the final website, you will have to create and pay for a weeknight website (hosting platform) account.


Cilia Antoniou, founder of Daisy Page Design

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