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Heart Magick: Breast massage course for women & non binary souls

What if you could rewrite the story you inherited about your breasts?

Because thinking your breasts are not beautiful or enough is a lie you've been programmed with.

And you're not alone. The world loves to treat us like clay that should be molded into a new shape every time beauty standards change.

What if you could let that all go? In a guided, safe, relaxing, and sensual way?

Tune into your heart space right now and feel for a response to how this might feel.

And if you feel the desire, I invite you into this breast massage and embodiment self love course.

In Heart Magick, you will melt your heart open, break your own rules, and remember your divinity.

This is a space for women & non-binary souls who want to:

🖤 fall in love with your breasts 

🖤 lean into your sensuality

🖤 deeply embody self worth & confidence

This work is so potent that people inside are having deep transformation from doing the breast massage practice on the first try!

Warning: this work could lead you you deciding to swim topless in your community pool, it could attract a new lover into your life, and it could bring out your inner rebel -- all of these are results from the people inside this space!


Do you have an uncomfortable story around your breasts?

Too small, too big, "weirdly" shaped, not beautiful, etc..

There are messages we've heard since childhood about our bodies that makes it easy not to fully love and accept ourselves.

This ends now.

Join me in Heart Magick to rewrite your story & fall in love with your body!

Being intimately connected to your heart brings deeper surrender, safety in the body, heightened creativity, aligned relationships & more

You'll have the capacity for more generosity/giving in an aligned and energy honoring way.

You'll express more fully & authentically, which effects all layers of your life and inner being.

See if you can feel a taste of that right now by looking down at your heart and smiling right now. Send love to your breasts and feel your heart beating.

Your heart is waiting and craving for quality time with you

Without a deep heart connection, you give your energy in a way that leaves you depleted, with unaligned relationships & work, exhausted,  not feeling sexy, worthy... the list can go on and on.

This ends here.

Join this journey into deep layers of self love, and enter into a portal of more confidence, sensitivity, creativity, and connection...

Do any of these resonate?

You want to deepen your love for your boobs. You may currently wish they looked or felt different & want to accept them as they are.

There's resistance with you showing up with your own voice, creations, work, etc and you want to break free

You feel disconnected from your body

You desire a feminine practice to drop some of your energy from your mind down into your body

There's a dependency on lovers/other people to make you feel luscious, delicious, and soft and you're ready to make yourself feel this way on your own

If any of these made you say YES, I created this offering for you 🖤

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Oh my have I been on a journeyyyy with my boobs.

I used to HATE my boobs, I thought they were too small and comments from boys didn't help. (I was called the president of the itty bitty titty committee, lol)

Today, I proudly OWN my boobs. As they are. Mindfulness, embodiment, and breast massage helped me get there. (which is all in this course)

As I've shared my story, I've seen how much boob acceptance work is needed!!

So, I'm giving you the practices that changed what my inner experience of being a boob owner felt like!!

This offering comes straight from my heart and I regularly guide myself through the content inside.

Besides the aspect of accepting your physical body, this work sets the solid ground for a spiritual awakening (whether it's your first, fifth, tenth, or 10000th 😂 🫠)

This is also an initiation into becoming authentically embodied and WHOLE as you are.

The spiritual upward spiral this work has taken me on continues to unfold and deepen as I keep practicing which is why I cannot keep this to myself!!


Breast Massage Might help you with:

Cultivating that firey "I don't give a fuuuu" energy when met with being judged for your identity or truth 🔥

Achieving balance between "doing" and being productive vs rest, relaxation and "being"

Calling in a dream partner 😍 (because you'll be so at home and whole already that your presence naturally draws this person in like magnet)

Slaying shame around being in a body with breasts

Having a spiritual awakening🌹

Confidence to speak up in relationships, friendships, and the bedroom!!

More presence during lovemaking, and  breasts going from a ticklish and sometimes painful place (or even numb) to an open space that lovvvvvves to receive touch 🥰


You'll be guided to:

Make space for your body and your pleasure in the most sacred & magical way

Release who the world tells you to be and step into your OWN defined identity (& even break your own rules)

Alchemize energy that might be stuck in your breasts

Receiving wisdom through your body within the embodiment practices, and breast massage practices

The Course Portal


Pre-recorded videos & resources to guide your practice

22-min Guided Heart Magick Breast massage practice

30-min Guided Heart Melt Breast Massage Practice

4 playlists to guide your practices

An in-depth 11-day journal to deeply look at your self talk, body image, societal expectations you're subscribing to and more (themes listed below)

Bonus breast mapping practice

Masterclass recording: Heart Magick. The power of connecting to our heart space & why it's important. (originally held live for the group on 11/11/22)

Embodiment Session Recording: Artist of Alchemy. A somatic release practice to ground & guide you in venturing into your shadow. (originally held live for the group in Dec 2022)

Embodiment Session Recording: Magick Heart Resonance. A journey into your heart space to connect with and express your truth. (originally held live for the group in Jan 2023)

Everything is transcribed and has an accompanying PDF guide. All practices have a pre-practice guide (video and PDF) and a guided practice in video format and audio only format

Lifetime Access

A deep dive journal helps integrate what comes up in the practices and has been a favorite element from past students



How it works:

Sign up & Receive Instant Access

Dive into the content right away & at your own pace

Your lifetime access includes an invite for any future live rounds or updates to this course

You'll need oil for this practice, my favorite one is the Heart Activation Oil from Shemana  which you can find here: https://bit.ly/40LGrj7

this is an affiliate code where I'll receive a commission


Melt open your heart


If you're feeling the pulse to join and made it this far down this page, I invite you to ask yourself:

If I felt at home in my heart, what would shift in my life?

If my nervous system had more capacity to hold what's present in life, how would that affect my life, my work, my relationships?

What would it feel like to step into total, unapologetic body acceptance?

If you need a payment plan, it's 4 monthly payments of $88, please reach out to me for the link.

Holding so much love for you!

xo, Cilia


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