A membership for women who desire to:

Connect more deeply to their bodies

Connect with their truth, authenticity & confidence

And connect with like minded, spiritual ambitious heart centered women

This is for you if:

You're curious to connect with divine feminine energy

You notice you're in your head a lot

You're a generator in human design experiencing low sex drive & creativity blocks

You're craving to be a part of a community of like minded sisters

You might feel like the mainstream world doesn't get you & your witchy vibes or the way you march to the beat of your own drum

You are sovereign, spiritual, and you desire to be witnessed in your next expansion

Within you there's a vibrant, magnetic woman wanting to express herself more fully

You want to embody this authentically and don't want to do it alone

Together we're walking home

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Hi, I'm Cilia!

Mindfulness Expert & Women's LIBERATION & Quantum Self Love Empowerment Mentor

It's my mission to help you become a liberated and fully self expressed woman who goes after what she wants in this life!!

The big invitation with my work is calling you into LOVE & LIBERATION. Each offering is a puzzle piece to help you get there!

I'm here to guide you to DEEPLY connect with and up level your inner reality.

Because you being an inner vibrational match to the life you want brings you harmony, abundance & fulfillment!

It's time to Show up, Speak out and Be Seen & I'm ready to hold space for your transformation!

her circle

In this space, you'll connect with:

Love. This is what you already are & you will feel this fully in your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

A deep anchoring within your body that feels like radical self acceptance

Deep sisterhood and an alchemizing of the fears & anxieties that might come up in that

Rituals to connect you with your body, nature, and truth

The POWER you were born on this Earth with babe!!!!

I'm inviting you into Liberation through


Because potency lies in your magic mixing in community... a giving AND receiving of love on both ends


How you're held:

Once a month Energy Session

We will come together for embodiment, release, grounding, and shifting our energy

Giving space at the end of the call to share in circle what we moved through & to be witnessed

Full Moon Circle

Coming together every full moon for forgiveness, release, and alchemy

One 1:1 call for you a month

For deeper support on what you're moving through. Special invite for founding members of this space only

Get grandfathered in

As more features get added, you stay at the same price point while your membership is active

No Long Term Commitment

Cancel at any time if the space isn't resonate with you

Request of Appreciation:


founding members price

her circle

This space is NOT:

A business networking space. Co-creations might happen, but this isn't the focus of the space

A virtual yoga studio. I will offer you body connection practices through embodiment, breath work & meditation. Yoga *might* be added in if the community wants it!

A replacement for therapy

A space to join with the intention of selling your product or service. We are here to connect with each other & the divine love that exists between Earth & woman

Your Tribe is waiting...