Within you there's a vibrant, magnetic woman wanting to express herself more fully

You're ready to feel more confident, self sourced, and at home in your body

You want to show up, speak out, and be seen in your truth for your deepest desires

& most of all, you want to feel GRATEFUL for the life you already have

I'm the self love & feminine liberation mentor to walk along WITH you...

You're Craving that shift

You're tired of out running from your shadow.

You want to deeply embody that everything is working out perfectly for you... even when life feels like sh.t

You desire to feel a deep sense of purpose, trust, love, and LIBERATION!!

You want to release what has been...

to extract the lessons from all you've been through

and not let the past define you anymore..

You might be labeling your "negative" emotions as "bad" and reframing them, not feeling them...

Or maybe you do make space to feel but you want accountability to be consistent and go deeper

You're self aware, and you sense there is something behind your beliefs...

You want to connect with your body where you get to alchemize and hold it all.

You know you don't "need" me to fix you.

You are sovereign, spiritual, and you desire to be witnessed in your next expansion

Within you there's a vibrant, magnetic woman wanting to express herself more fully

You want to embody this authentically and don't want to do it alone

👇🏻Are any of these you?

You want to get over your fear of being seen

You feel like you might be addicted to doing things and being productive (perfectionism/workaholic)

You want to deepen your Confidence & Self Worth

You're stressed out and unfulfilled

You're feeling stagnant in your life & are frustrated about the right romantic partners and life opportunities not being there for you

You know there's more to this life for you than how things currently are...but you're not sure what or how to get there or discover it!

You're a woman or femme identifying being who wants to connect with your divine feminine energy 

If you're saying yes, this mentorship could be for you

I'm here to walk you home

The 3 elements of my work:


Connect with your innate creativity and share it with the world.

Harness your creativity in ways that feed your soul.

I guide you to feel through your fear of being seen and alchemize it


Come home to your body & your feminine power through embodiment, sacred sexuality & sensual self love practices

This mentorship is customized to your needs in working through the following phases:

Awareness & Intention

This is where you come in line with your truth and set the path ahead for who you want to be and show up as in this world. You're making a conscious decision to change & I'm here to help you set a strong foundation to hold you through what lies ahead.

Resistance & Shadow

Transformation isn't an easy process & resistance will come up. I'm here to be your embodiment & healing guide to consciously shed your old identity that's keeping you small.

Reflection & Contemplation

You will look back on your life and our work together. You will make more space for yourself and purge what isn't yours, what isn't feeding your energy, and what you might love but no longer need in your next expansion

Integrating with your Inner Queen

The most fulfilling part of my work is guiding you to connect with... YOU! I want you to be self sourced, to know how to be your own coach, and to fully believe with all your atoms that you are worthy AF for all your desires!!

What our time together looks like:

Opening Ceremony & Call to set the space

One 90-120 min energy shifting call/month

Two 60-90min coaching call/month

Mon-Thurs Telegram Support

Customized Resources that you get to keep(PDFs, Audios, Videos)

Closing Ceremony

6 or 9 month packages

services image 2

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Self Love & Feminine Liberation Mentor

It's my mission to help you become a liberated and fully self expressed woman who goes after what she wants in this life!!

The big invitation with my work is calling you into LOVE & LIBERATION. Each offering is a puzzle piece to help you get there!

I'm here to guide you to DEEPLY connect with and up level your inner reality.

Because you being an inner vibrational match to the life you want brings you harmony, abundance & fulfillment!

It's time to Show up, Speak out and Be Seen & I'm ready to hold space for your transformation!

What makes me different?

I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to connect you to your own truth so that you are self sourced in your life.

My holistic approach to mindset accesses your beliefs at more than just the thinking level so you can fully embody your most empowered self.

Certified Master EFT Practitioner, Forgivness Life Coach, and 200 E-RYT Hatha Yoga & a forever student of all things self development. 

I'm inviting you into Love & Liberation

So that you can step into your most expanded self!

In this mentorship, you'll connect with:

AUTHENTIC Confidence & Self Expression

Deep States of Peace & Self Awareness

Your natural unlimited source of creativity that lives within you

Intuitive clarity on what actions will take you to being the woman you want to be

Love. This is what you already are & you will feel this fully in your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Who you become:

The woman who Shows up, Speaks out, and is Seen in your Truth!!

Deeply connected to you purpose 

Surrendered to trust &  love in work/business and your personal life

The woman who goes after a dream you've been hesitating with (like starting a business, writing a book, or completely pivoting your life path!)

A magnet for aligned & healthy relationships

The calm eye of the storm that is life!!

Ready to Play??


If any one of these resonate...

You're currently experiencing your Saturn Return

You're going through a big life transition

You're healing from a breakup

You're a mama who wants a space to process the past to be better for your babies

You might be an new entrepreneur who feels deep insecurity, fear, and scarcity holding you back

You're ready to commit a year to your expansion. Investing in a big way, showing up in a big way, and unattached to expectations

Growing up, you might have learned to feel "wrong" about who you are simply because you are woman, and you're ready to release the shame around your divine body

You have some experience with talk therapy and are ready to go deeper... beyond words, belief work

You're not here for external validation, for fixing, or because you think you "need" me. You see the value in being witnessed & held through your current transition & this is why you've been led to this page

Then I'm here to be your Sage, Alchemist, and Guide for your liberation!!

How you're held:

Each of us have different needs, so your mentorship will be customized but here is an idea of what our time together could look like:

3 calls/month:

One 90-120 min energy healing session a month

Two intuitive 60-90 min mentorship session a month where anything you are moving through is alchemized through conversation & presence

**are you a busy mom? Custom bi-weekly or once-a month call packages can be created for you!


Text & Voice note support every week


My work is ritual & body based. In the healing sessions, we move through mindfulness/embodiment/physical practices together

Throughout our time together, you will receive resources to support your practices via audio recordings, video recordings, workbooks, etc

Resource Library:

Based on our calls & Voxer space, I create resources to support your expansion that you get to keep <3 (Audios, PDFs, Videos) You get to keep these forever.

What's an energy shifting call?

I lead my work with EMBODIMENT, so be prepared to move during our time together.

Our energy shifting call could also include:

Breath work

EFT Tapping

Guided Meditation/Visualization

Healing sound medicine

& other practices

Usually followed by a week with no call so you can integrate, but again this is customized for each client

Pricing Transparancy:

It doesn't feel good to set up a call hoping to work with a coach you want to work with to then be surprised by the price point. I've been there.

My packages for 3 calls a month begin at $1000 a month with payment plans.

Discounts are offered for pay-in-full clients and custom packages that only desire one call a month with online support (text, voice note & email). Once a month packages begin at $600 a month with payment plans, discount offered for pay-in-full clients.

When I'm near capacity with clients, I do offer to take in sliding scale clients as I was once in a position where work like this was inaccesible to me financially and those who offerred me partial scholarships helped me get where I am today. Everyone deserves this work and I am here to make it work for you. Custom payments plans are also always available.