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Openly Spoken Podcast

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Openly Spoken is the podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen within your relationships, your work, and most importantly- in the relationship with yourself.

We talk about all things self love & relationships including: s exuality, the Mother Wound, Spiritual/Witchy practices & more

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New episodes are no longer turned into blog format but enjoy some of our previous blog version episodes below:

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Painful Sex and the Pelvis with Steffi Von Brunner


The Distortions within Polarity and How to stay true to YOU ft Caitlin Rose


Recovering from Binge Eating and Remembering: YOU ARE WORTHY! with Lucy Newport

How I use pleasure to manage anxiety

How I use Pleasure to Manage Anxiety


Attachment and Soulmate Love with Pauline Busson


Find your Joy with Laura Isabella Machny


Breaking Free from Hustle Culture


The Healing Power of Relationships and embracing Authenticity with Naomi Sarah


A Journey of Acceptance: Healing Through Coming Out and Forgiveness with KaylaMae Smith & Cheryl Miller


Applying the Self Love Languages to Self Love- (Your Self Love Archetype)