5-month high-level 1:1 coaching for your expansion in Self Love, Pleasure, and Thriving Relationships

You're here because you desire more connection.

You're here to feel the sensational pleasure of being fully alive in your sexuality, self love, and relationships

and maybe you can relate to one or more of the below:

-You're noticing your body doesn't respond to foreplay the way it did in your early 20s... it's a lot harder to open up and be ready.

-Anxiety comes up when your body isn't as turned on as your mind is during foreplay because "will he/she/they think I'm not attracted to them anymore?" comes up

-Maybe you can't feel or receive some forms of touch from your partner and you want to step into more sensation, sensitivity, and pleasure

-You've been taught to believe that pleasure is FOR your partner, something that you do for them and not something YOU should enjoy

-You've been taught that pleasure and your body are somehow wrong

-Maybe you have a milestone birthday coming up and want to feel as beautiful as you did when you were 25

-Maybe you don't feel worthy of your relationship and want to stop feeling like your partner will leave

-Maybe you keep dating the same type of person and you're ready to break that cycle

-Maybe you've recently gone through a break up and desire to come into a deeper place of self love

Passionate Pulse is a high-level, customized 1:1 coaching space to help you come home to your body, feel absolutely ALIVE in your pleasure, reclaim your sexual nature, and feel unwaveringly CONFIDENT and SELF EXPRESSED!!!

Within you, there's a VIBRANCY & MAGNETISM waiting to be unleashed


-being fully self expressed

-living the life you truly desire

-deeper and more aligned relationships


This powerful work begins by nurturing, soothing, and strengthening your relationship with yourself.

As a human, you are multifaceted. This is the space where ALL your facets are welcomed. Even parts that were lost or forgotten get to be rediscovered and integrated.

From here, the DEEPEST sense of grounding and self acceptance is formed so that you can experience the depth of love, connection, and pleasure in your life even as ups and downs come your way.

Inclusivity statement: While my marketing is focused on my niche of supporting women, my work also welcomes anyone who was socialized as a girl/woman while growing up (non-binary folks and trans men).

Are you ready to explore?

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Hi, I'm Cilia!

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach

It's my mission to help you become a liberated and fully self expressed woman/person who goes after what she wants in this life!!

The big invitation with my work is calling you into deep love, presence, and surrender.

I was once a 28 year old, absolutely FREAKED OUT about turning 30 and completely unable to get turned on in my long term relationship.

"Will he think I'm not attracted to him?"

"Am I getting old- is this what being 30 just is??"

And I had no one to talk to about this. It was an anxious, lonely, and painful place.

When conscious coaching and practices around female sexuality helped me (like night and day!!), I signed up to be trained as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach with a specialty in Life Transitions and Female Sexuality.

My work is flavored by my past career as a yoga, mediation, and fitness instructor and is very somatic (body-based) We go deeper than talking about stuff- we FEEL, we take new actions, and we completely transform!!

REAL TALK: This work is not for everyone. This is for the souls who are ready to go DEEP.

Because you won't only be liberated, you will THRIVE

This 1:1 high-level private coaching is customized to your needs in working through:

Integrating ALL parts of you. All your emotions, thoughts, sensations, and archetypes (like your inner child) will be discovered and welcomed

Feeling worthy & deserving of your desires along with being Self Source to make these desires real!

Deep Body Love- so that you can break through the taboos and conditioning about pleasure, beauty, aging, and more

Typical results to expect:

Coming into a deep personal power where you can communicate like never before to create more aligned and connected friendships and romantic relationships

Feeling completely whole and complete being single!!

If you're in partnership: deeper and more connected sex & communication

Being unbothered at the Thanksgiving table with your triggering family members

Feeling pleasure in unexpected places and while doing the most mundane things

Higher levels of creativity

Unwavering confidence

We'll work on this through:

Creating new beliefs around sexuality, sex, and pleasure

Cultivating deep acceptance for every inch of your body

Cultivating deep acceptance for every thought, emotion, or sensation you experience

Recognizing and HONORING the season // chapter of life you are in and providing the support to move through it rather than getting stuck

Connecting with and EMBODYING your inner WILD!

& more customized work depending on your needs!

If you're a YES to this, apply below:
What our time together looks like:

We'll meet online weekly, 3 times a week for 5 months

Opening Ceremony & Call to set the space

TWO 60-75 min coaching sessions per month

ONE guided & customized practice/ritual + coaching call  per month 

Email, voice note, and text support between sessions

Customized Resources (PDFs, Audios, Videos)

Closing Ceremony

Investment: $8,000
Custom payment plans available, 20% deposit to start

Client Love

Each coaching package is customized and bespoke but this is what our 5-month journey could look like:

Month one- Creating your New Reality

We’ll focus on grounding your nervous system, embodying deeper confidence and self love, and honing in your creative abilities to live the life you love.

With sessions focused on: discovering your true desires & how to make them real, writing your new sexual story, meeting your inner empowering identities, practices for total self love.


Month Two- Empowered Internal Connection

We’ll focus on coming home to your body and feeling more self sourced.

With sessions focused on: Inner child play, Sexual thriving, Body Acceptance, practices for deep surrender.


Month Three- Expanding your Reality

Focused on opening you up to more pleasure in ALL areas of your life

With sessions focused on: Deep self & body love, emotional liberation, orgasmic development, practices focused on pleasure.


Month Four- Remembrance

Focused on healing and opening up the body so you can return to Self.

With sessions focused on: Expressing boundaries & creating self safety, sexual integration & healing, discovering your unique empowering beliefs, practices focused on grounding & healing.


Month Five- Embodying Your New Reality

Focused on initiating you into the Goddess or Goddex you know yourself to be

With sessions focused on: Holistic Self Pleasure, Embodying your WILD, with practices focused on embodying who you really are.


My desire for you at the end of this isn't that you become a new person- it's that you realize this FREE, LIBERATED, and THRIVING being you've unleashed is who you were THIS WHOLE TIME!

Investment: $8,000
Custom payment plans available, 20% deposit to start

ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT: If this price point is inaccessible to you, I offer a limited amount of partial scholarships per year favoring LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, DACA recipients, refugees, and asylees.