High-level 1:1 coaching for ambitious women who desire to slow down and experience more deeply connected relationships

You've achieved your way through life at the cost of everything. You're wondering "where was I running to?"

Hustle + Grind seemed more important than Connect +Feel.

...Which created a big gap between what you truly, authentically desire and what you did the Hustle + Grind for.


You did what you thought you "should" do and you've woken up to the fact that there must be something better

You want to remember your Wild Flower energy and savor in deeply authentic, connected relationships (in romance, friendships, and maybe most of all: friendship with other women)

Is this why you're here?

You're a go-getter and know how to achieve but you've noticed there's an addiction to making life hard because then you've "earned" it


It seems hard or near impossible to find space for YOURSELF in your busy life.


A life transition is coming up and you feel like you're about to loose it (turning 30+, aging, menopause, hysterectomy, etc)


Maybe your body has a hard time responding to intimacy... your head is in it, but body is saying no and it's confusing AF & causing anxiety


Maybe the fast-pace of this modern life is getting exhausting but you don't know how to slow it down


I'm here to walk you back home to your own wisdom & body so that you can finally know, feel, and believe this phrase: "I am enough"

And it's time to have deeper intimacy in your relationships because you want:

To have FUN in life again!!

A well of inspiration for your art, your work, to reach your goals, and to live your best life

love, safety, and belonging

The inner and outer support to live a life that you absolutely love with ease

+Inclusivity statement: While my marketing is focused on my niche of supporting women, my work also welcomes anyone who was socialized as a girl/woman while growing up (non-binary folks and trans men). You are welcome here beautiful soul!!

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Trained Self Love, Sexuality, and Relationship Coach

Certified in Forgiveness Coaching, Womb Circle Facilitation, Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), and EFT

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Self love, Sexuality, and Relationship coach for women+

I was like you once- the high achiever who worked hard to get what she wanted

It's a behavior I learned at home- "work hard, and you will be seen as worthy"

And then I found myself in my mid 20s with my dream job of managing a yoga studio, and my dream partner.

But I was SO LONELY.

It felt like I was hustling on a hamster wheel my whole life and I suddenly woke up and didn't like what I saw around me.

I started the journey of discovering my own identity, accepting myself fully, and growing my capacity of feeling safe to be seen

Which led to marry my absolute soulmate, create the friendships of my dreams, and do more fulfilling work in the world


I come from a trauma-informed approach from both my training & life experience.

My 10+ years of practicing yoga, not only as a mindfulness practice but as a self discovery modality brings a unique deep presence and acceptance for you in my 1:1 coaching spaces.

I'm trained in the VITA method which takes proven scientific approaches for healing, growth, and thriving and combines it with mindful practices.

My work is flavored by my past career as a yoga, mediation, and fitness instructor and is very somatic (body-based) We go deeper than talking about stuff- we FEEL, we take new actions, and we completely transform!!

REAL TALK: This work is not for everyone. This is for the souls who are ready to go DEEP.

Most self development starts and ends with healing and liberation... but you'll go further in this space

I don't stop at liberation, I'll help you step into THRIVING

What our journey will look like:

Creating more safety to pause and BE with your own body 

Going from basic self care to the deepest self reverence & becoming your own lover

Getting extremely clear on what you desire, from an aligned, body-based place and discovering what unconscious resistance you have towards what you say you want

Alchemizing mother, father, and caretaker imprints

Eating Shame for Breakfast- We'll hold a mirror up to where shame is hiding in your mind & body so you can free up that energy in your body and use it to feel liberated instead

Moving past growing and healing and stepping into EXPANSION & THRIVING

Customized packages with a 4 month minimum

2-4 sessions per month (your package is customized)

Each package is a bespoke experience customized to your needs and desires

A combination of coaching and being guided through practices and rituals

Custom resources like audio files and PDFs guiding you through practice and introspection

Option for private text & voice note channel for support in between sessions

Client Love


What is coaching?

I define coaching as a collaboration where we're both working on getting you to your desires. I'm here to hold space that is deeply present, curious, and non-judgmental so that you can see all the wisdom and power that is within you to receive your desires

I have unhealed sexual trauma, is it okay if this comes up during our sessions?

Yes, everything is welcome to come up and be expressed in our sessions.

If you have a history of sexual trauma but have NEVER worked on it in the past, then my coaching might not be for you.

The main thing with working on sexual trauma with coaching is you want to be able to be plugged into the present moment and coaching is focused on what is coming up in the present and what future you're stepping into. If things come up but you are aware of the present moment (not getting lost in the memory) then you're receiving healing in our sessions.

My coaching is trauma informed which means I'll never push you to do something that feels like too much for you and I've been trained to look out for those signs in your body language. It also means I might refer you to a therapist if what you need is out of my scope of practice as a coach.

If you have more questions about this please reach out to me.

What is the investment?

1:1 coaching packages are customized and start at $1,199/month with a 4 month minimum. You can download a free pricing guide here with all of your 1:1 package options:

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, I offer a limited amount of partial scholarships per year based on need and favor people who are DACA recipients or other immigrants, people within the LGBTQIA+ community, BIPOC, & new moms