A high-level 1:1 coaching for your expansion in Self Love, Pleasure, and Thriving Relationships

Self Love, Pleasure, and Relationship coaching

For Women+ about to turn 30 and beyond who want to reclaim their radiance...

and/or connect more deeply in their romantic relationship

You might be wondering... "why is this so hard now?" Or "why does this seem harder than it is for other people?"

-You're noticing your body doesn't respond to foreplay the way it did in your early 20s... it's a lot harder to open up and be ready.

-Anxiety comes up when your body isn't as turned on as your mind is during foreplay because "will he/she/they think I'm not attracted to them anymore?" comes up

-Maybe you have a milestone birthday coming up and want to feel as beautiful as you did when you were 25

-Maybe you don't feel worthy of your relationship and want to stop feeling like your partner will leave

-Maybe you've recently gone through a break up (which is so much harder in late 20s and beyond!) and desire to come into a deeper place of self love

Let's unleash your VIBRANCY & MAGNETISM within Self Love, Pleasure, and Relationship and JUST WATCH how that ripples into the rest of your life!

+Inclusivity statement: While my marketing is focused on my niche of supporting women, my work also welcomes anyone who was socialized as a girl/woman while growing up (non-binary folks and trans men). You are welcome here beautiful soul!!

This way to your radiance

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Hi, I'm Cilia!

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach

It's my mission to help you become a liberated and fully self expressed woman/person who goes after what she wants in this life!!

The big invitation with my work is calling you into deep love, presence, and surrender.

I was once a 28 year old, absolutely FREAKED OUT about turning 30 and completely unable to get turned on in my long term relationship.

"Will he think I'm not attracted to him?"

"Am I getting old- is this what being 30 just is??"

And I had no one to talk to about this. It was an anxious, lonely, and painful place.

When conscious coaching and practices around female sexuality helped me (like night and day!!), I signed up to be trained as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach with a specialty in Life Transitions and Female Sexuality.

My work is flavored by my past career as a yoga, mediation, and fitness instructor and is very somatic (body-based) We go deeper than talking about stuff- we FEEL, we take new actions, and we completely transform!!

REAL TALK: This work is not for everyone. This is for the souls who are ready to go DEEP.

Because you won't only be liberated, you will THRIVE

Client Love

What our time together looks like:

Opening Ceremony & Call to set the space

We'll meet online weekly, 3 times a month

TWO 60-75 min coaching sessions per month

ONE guided & customized practice/ritual + coaching call  per month 

Customized Resources (PDFs, Audios, Videos)

Closing Ceremony

(Minimum commitment: 10 sessions across 13 weeks)

*Each package is customized a pricing is available upon request. Custom payment plans available. Partial scholarships available.