Self Expressed Babe

A live 13 week sisterhood journey to come home to the feminine power within you

a mother wound and feminine embodiment group program for women

**15 spots by invitation only


As women, we’re living in a new era that our mothers couldn’t model for us. 


And because our society doesn’t support the mothering our psyche needs, most of us have a mother wound. 


This left a huge gap between your authenticity and who you’re able to show up as because you didn’t get an initiation into womanhood


It’s not your fault (or mom’s) but it’s your responsibility to reclaim who you are. You can get liberated by doing the work on your own, but you’ll THRIVE with the additional support & witnessing of other women.


Which is why I created this sisterhood healing journey that combines the magic of:

🌹Women's Circles

🌹 Somatic Practice

🌹 Education & Personal Development

🌹 Group Coaching


According to Dr Karyl McBride, there are two types of daughters that the mother would creates: The Self Sabotaging Daughter, and the High Achieving Daughter.

Self Expressed Babe is for the High Achievers.

When a woman chips away at her Mother Wound, she:

Becomes a Self Expressed Babe!! She’s radiant, sexy, and expresses her authenticity! 

Sets healthy boundaries with love and ease

Is able to finally receive and feel worthy of healthy female friendships

Attracts and keeps healthy romantic dynamics

Feels more present and safe in her own body

Becomes her body's guardian, best lover, and best friend

Experiences an upgrade in her sex life!!

Finally STOPS running to achieve and prove herself

Becomes so clear on her purpose and gifts and is able to create a life she loves with people around her that she absolutely adores

Frees up SO MUCH ENERGY she can use to liberate her life and to become a thriving QUEEN of a woman!!


Let me guess why you're here:


you want to step into a space where you feel enough, worthy, and deserving

you want the ability to set better boundaries with your work, learning, and “doing”

you want more aligned, healthy relationships

you want to shift your default of operating from your mind/head to your heart/intuition

you want inspiring conversations and friendships with other women

you’re sick of sitting on your potential, truth, and purpose (or maybe, you're not sure what these are)

What's been stopping you?

You keep yourself super busy with achieving and/or overgiving

You’re afraid of giving people access to your heart… because it’s lead to heartbreak before

Your mom isn’t in your corner

You have a hard time trusting women

Your schedule is jam packed and it feels impossible to take time for yourself

It’s hard for you to fully love your body

In romance, you feel (or have felt) unseen, under appreciated, and lost in being the version of yourself you think will keep them around

Or maybe it's more like:

Your relationship with your mom is ok, but you’re unsure where she starts & you end and you desire to set boundaries & find yourself

You have female friendships but you want to nourish and deepen these relationships

You feel a little bit like a child, not an adult woman and don’t really know why

You have something to say, but it’s hard to let your voice out

If you had to honestly answer “how are you feeling?”, it’s difficult to notice what that really is or it's difficult to word it

Self Expressed Babe is for you if:

you’re a daughter of an emotionally unavailable mother whether she was that way just in the past or is still currently

you identify with one or more of these traits: ambitious, over-achiever, over-giver, perpetual student, busy bee

you’re ready to reclaim and OWN your voice, truth, work, all the things

you’re willing to be uncomfortable in the name of having a better relationship with yourself and others

you have the courage to be vulnerable

you’re open to witness your mind and challenge your beliefs

your sensitive, empathic, and have a big heart

You’ve done at least a little bit of work on the Mother Wound on your own, with a therapist, or in the form of listening to a podcast or reading a book on the topic

This space is not for you if:

you DO NOT identify as an ambitious or over achieving daughter but instead feel more like the self sabotaging “why even try” type (If this is you, recommend working with mindfulness, a somatic therapist, parts work therapist, or another coach that specializes in this)

you’re not ready to both give and receive in connection with other women

Dropping into your body is triggering for you and brings up PTSD or re-traumatizing stress responses and makes it hard for you to be present of the now moment (I would recommend working with a therapist if this is you)

you have ZERO experience with any kind of healing modalities and/or therapy

you’re attached to staying mad at your mom forever

gossip and/or sh*t talking is a regular part of your life


If you're still reading, you're ready to come home to your feminine power

& we'll do it with these Four Pillars:


1️⃣  Normalizing pleasure, celebration, and desire

(because this helps alchemize shame and goes completely against the way we were socialized as women)


2️⃣  Community / Sisterhood...because we can only thrive within relationship & we 10x the healing work when we are witnessed and witnessing others.


3️⃣  Mindfulness...because connection with your body & breath combined with witnessing your mind is a key foundation to self awareness and safety to do the deeper healing work.


4️⃣  Somatic practice...because the body keeps the score and we need to digest our past to clear space for what you desire in your next level self.



**15 spots by invitation only

Hey there, I'm Cilia- your guide & facilitator in Self Expressed Babe.


I was raised by an emotionally unavailable mother who had me at 18 years old. She did her absolute best, but I wasn't available to see that until I worked on my own Mother Wound.


I remember what it felt like to not have any women in my corner.


I remember losing myself in relationships, basically morphing to be who I thought they wanted me to be and getting lost in taking care of other people.


I remember regularly over-riding my body with a busy schedule that was a combo of: not being able to say no to people + being in a constant race to prove myself as worthy and deserving.


Chipping away at the Mother Wound for the past 10 years has given me dream love (married to my soul mate), dream friendships with super fucking inspiring ass women, and a receptive, abundant relationship with money.

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How working with me is different


I bring a holistic approach to healing the Mother Wound. This isn’t just some boring course giving you clinical research and telling you what practices to do. I bring way more playfulness into this work through my personality and we’ll heal holistically through mindfulness, somatics, and spirituality


I’m trauma informed, both from training and from my upbringing & personal healing journey


My unique approach comes from my training in sex, love, and relationship coaching which is honestly the deepest work you can do for your self love…what is deeper than sexuality??


Certified womb circle facilitator


Certified and experienced yoga, meditation, and pranayama (breathwork) instructor


Specialized in Forgiveness Life Coaching, Life Transitions, and Female Sexuality

**15 spots by invitation only

Here's what you're getting:

We begin 9/12/2024

8 live online women's circles


4 live group coaching calls


6 MODULES of learning material and Practices:

Module 1: DESIRE

Your new story of "Woman"

Module 2: VESSEL

Body love & your relationship with the Divine

Module 3: RADIANCE

Inner Mother & Divine Feminine Connection


Inner Father & Trusting the Masculine


Inner child connection & play


Sensual Safety & Sensual Self Love


13-weeks of a live group chat for daily accountability with daily mindfulness & movement 


(Optional VIP tier includes 5 1:1 coaching sessions)


Your next steps:

Fill out an application. There are limited spots and applications will be reviewed in order so the earlier you apply the better!

You'll be contacted with either an application approval or an invitation for what you can do next in your mother wound healing journey

Since this space is limited to 15 spots, you'll be given a limited time frame to make your first payment/deposit before the next applicant is considered


Live Call Schedule


We begin Thurs, September 12th @ 11am for OPENING CEREMONY Women's Circle

Wed, September 18th @ 11am Women's Circle

Fri, September 20th @ 11am Group Coaching Session

Wed, September 25th @ 1pm Women's Circle



October 2nd @ 1pm Women's Circle

Fri, October 4th @ 1pm Group Coaching

Wed, October 9th @ 11am Women's Circle 

Wed, October 16th @11am Women's Circle

October 23rd @11am Group Coaching


Wed, November 6th @11am Women's Circle

Wed, November 13th @11amGroup Coaching


Wed, December 4th @ 11am CLOSING CEREMONY Women's Circle

Energy Exchange / Investment

VIP Tier (limited to 2 spots)

$ 4,997
  • or $1,200 x 5 months
  • Includes 1:1 support with 8 coaching sessions (60-75mins) from Sept-Dec
  • Private voice note and text space
  • Customized resources created for you based on our 1:1 sessions

Self Expressed Babe

$ 1,475
  • or $350 x 5 months
  • Partial scholarships available (1-3 based on size of the group)
new selfie

If you're feeling the pulse to join and made it this far down this page, I get it.

This is tender work and it's important to choose the spaces and coaches that are right for YOU in this moment.

I also invite you to ask yourself: If I came completely HOME to my body, my truth, and my voice... what would shift?

I'd so celebrate you for making the answer to that question happen.

If you're new to me and would like to meet me on zoom first to be sure this is a vibe for you, send me a message with the link below and my team will set you up for a call with me.

Holding so much love for you!

xo, Cilia

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