🌕Wild Moon✨🌙

(3 months) a ceremonial 1:1 space for the woman who wants to live in sync with her inner seasons

Guiding you back to NATURE through coaching and ritual

For the Woman who wants to become besties with her body, who wants to honor her bleed, and who wants to live in harmony with her cyclical nature

*bleed not required- this can be a space where you change your relationship to menopause and/or learn to sync with the rythms of the moon

As a woman, change and transition is embedded into your body.

But the world you live in doesn't always HONOR the fluid shifts and changes.

Whether you want to feel the magic of your bleed for the first time or you want to embrace menopause/hysterectomy/a huge body transition... this is THE space to step into a new relationship with your body. One of deep, deep honor, respect, and compassion.

I created this offering because women aren't given enough spaces for:

-fully embracing your period

-feeling fully radiant during perimenopause, menopause, hysterectomy, or oophorectomy

-being able to HEAR and LISTEN to what your body needs week to week (which changes!)

-having the education of what is even going on in your body from both the latest science AND from listening to your intuition

Learning all of the above was radically life changing for me, which is why I created Wild Moon.


Walk this way

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Cilia Antoniou at Daisy Page Design

My first conversation about periods went like this:

5th grade me, handing my mom a school permission slip for a movie only the girls would watch, "Mom, what is this for?"


Without making eye contact as signed the permission slip, "Oh, you know, when you bleed in between your legs"  and my jaw just dropped.


End of conversation.


Childhood ended for me like most women, with this now bleeding body I was ashamed of and didn't have anyone to talk to about.


A body that I resented. A week every month that I dreaded, hated, and wished I didn't have to go through.


A body I thought was "wrong" because there wasn't any space made for anything but positive vibes, high energy & productivity.


My relationship with my period started changing in 2018 when I started using waste-free period products.


Soon after, I learned that there was way more happening than bleeding. I learned there were FOUR different phases I was going through every month.


I started adjusting my schedule and routines around what inner season I was in. I used the information I found as a jumping off point but then paid attention to my unique energy levels and intuition.


What came out of this was so much SELF LOVE & REVERENCE which lead to confidence, creativity, and SO MUCH EASE.


I hadn't realized how traumatizing it was to exist in a body that I was internally rejecting... and how living in modern society that expects me to be productive every single day was something I needed to untangle from.


A women coming into deep reverence and celebration of her cyclical body is RADICALLY LIFE CHANGING!!

I'm here to bring you into DEEP reverence of your body

What you'll receive:

Opening Ceremony & Call to set the space ($247 value)

Weekly sessions 75-mins with coaching and ceremony/ritual ($3997 value)

Content Library with education, resources, and practices to learn about your inner seasons and foster a deeply loving relationship with your body ($399 value)

Customized resources based on our 1:1 sessions ($999 value)

3 months of Telegram (talk/text) support in-between sessions ($4000 value)

Closing Ceremony ($347 value)

$9,989 value that my heart is offering to you for: