Cilia Antoniu, CEO of Self Expressed Babe

Hello Galactic, Gorgeous Human!! I'm Cilia!

I'm so grateful you landed here.

I'm Cilia. A sage, alchemist, and guide for your self love & feminine liberation journey...

I'm here to tap you into Authentic Confidence, Grounded Growth & Unleashed Self Expression.

I'm super passionate about bringing the world back to equilibrium by helping individuals connect fully with their bodies.

This mission began in 2015 when I graduated from my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and quickly devoted myself to teaching yoga full time.

Along the way I became certified in Barre, Silver Sneakers (it's like aerobics for seniors! Was so fun!) while deepening my own mindfulness and self development practices as I was on a journey to improve myself & serve.

Now I consider myself a self love & liberation mentor.. but really I'm a sage, and alchemist, and a guide to walk WITH you on your journey.

Off paper, I'm a huge foodie & nature loving artist who loves connecting with inspiring humans. I'm really weird & silly by nature and I love to dance & roller skate!

On paper, I'm a Master EFT Practitioner, Certified Forgiveness Life Coach and have over a decade of experience in design & social media marketing.

Self Expressed Babe started out with the mission of helping more female voices express themselves. And if you want to speak out, show up, and be seen... it all starts with deeply loving and believing in yourself.

The more you love YOU, the better you can support, coach, and guide yourself towards all you want to manifest.

I give you the tools, teachings & space to create grounded success from the INSIDE OUT.

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I stand for...









My education/investments that support me in supporting you:

  • BFA-Fashion Design
    While business coaching is not the main focus of my mentorship, my education & experience in fashion helps me support you in marketing. (This is something we could talk about after we've done significant work on self love and you maybe desire support in bringing a new brand forward online)
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
    • plus 5 years of teaching experience... this is where my space holding and leadership abilities began. Beginning a yoga practice was life changing for me so I HAD TO share it with others.
  • Barre & other fitness trainings
    Embodiment is a big part of my work which comes from my past life teaching in group and 1:1 spaces for barre, yoga, aerobics & meditation
  • Active Toastmasters Member since 2016
  • Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced Course, Landmark Excellence Course, Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program
  • Forgiveness Life Coaching Certification
  • EFT Practitioner Certification, EFT Master Practitioner Certification¬† (via the Priority Academy)
  • Various online courses & books
  • Currently in the 2023 cohort of the VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching Certification program
  • A daily devotion to journaling, mindfulness practices, and honoring my body, my truth, my mind, and my spirit.

I'm committed to learning & growth which gives me a huge toolbox to pull from when we work together