Expressions about my Work

"I had a coaching session with Cilia and she was honestly INCREDIBLE! I had so many revelations in just 45 minutes, she really got me to look deep and figure out where my beliefs are coming from. What I really liked was she gave me suggestions and ideas for how to improve so I had practical takeaways that I could implement straight away!! I could tell she really cared about trying to help and she is an incredibly genuine and lovely soul, I’d definitely recommend working with her!"

-Nina W, Social Media & Mindset Coach

"When I first found Cilia, I had my business idea but ZERO confidence to actually follow through with it. After our first coaching session I was feeling so grounded and relaxed. By the first month, I was creating content for my launch. At the end of working 1:1 for 3 months, I made my investment back and continue to work with Cilia to this day because I love her inside out approach to how she sees business. Highly recommend you take the plunge and work with Cilia!! Thank you so much!!" -Sarah L, Social Media Manager

"Cilia's imposter syndrome masterclass helped me pivot my business to something more aligned and sign my first clients!!!"

-Ashley M, Mindset Coach

Joanna JC Creative

Joanna- JC Creative

"It certainly was a pleasure working with Cilia! As a new business owner, I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed. Cilia helped me get a clearer understanding about my target audience. She also quickly grasped my brand aesthetic, and delivered exactly what she said she would. I recommend sending her a message if you need help with your branding and content creation!"

Evangelia- Breath Work Facilitator

"The EFT tapping technique that Cilia guided us through made such a huge difference on how I felt about the issue. Within minutes, fear and dislike transformed into peace, eagerness and excitement. I was pleasantly surprised that something so simple and quick was yet so powerful and effective.
Thank you Cilia for introducing me into such a great tool and making it easy for me to follow! "

shani photo

Shani- Real Estate Broker

"So excited to write this well deserved testimonial to this lady who was and is still big part of my life. Cilia helped my Real Estate business with social media, marketing and graphic design.... I was in love with the process of working with such a clean heart, so talented and awesome colleague. 

This is a high recommendation for anyone who are looking  to go to the next level with a great persona such as Cilia.  Thank you so much!"

It's your turn to go after your true potential babe.