A decent from late fall 2023 into winter.. disconnecting

A descent from late fall into the depths of winter.

Shadow work, breath work, parts work, alchemizing and releasing, reflecting on the year... and emerging in spring 2024 as a fully embodied woman ready to take the new year by storm.


For the woman who wants to follow the calendar of her body & nature rather than what society follows...

For the woman willing to let go of making Jan 1st a time of setting goals, grinding and getting shit done just to crash in February....

In Womb Cocoon, you're stepping away from ALL of this... and your ALIGNED new years evolutions start to reveal themselves to you mid winter....

Feb we come together for cocreation

What a divine reality that you're here on this page right now. This is my heart's offering of divine feminine connection, deep & real self love, and sisterhood.

I invite you to feel into: what it would be like to completely love & accept your body & your inner truth?

How would you show up differently? Would you speak up about something you've kept silent about? How would you show up for the people you love?

THIS is what I'm inviting you into sister.

I've created this space in a way that honors the feminine, with space to come together in unrecorded share circles, and space to integrate the practices.

I know it's been hard...

Being scared to show up in your fullest self expression that you picture in your head but don't believe you can embody

Living in a world that's conditioned you to live in your head, disconnected from your feelings that you might be stuffing down & avoiding

Being disconnected from your body & unsure of how you feel. 

Receiving shame for being in a woman's body, not looking like a Kardashian, and ALL THE WAYS society makes your womanhood small and wrong

Hating what you see in the mirror...or avoiding the mirror all together

Feeling like an alien and craving to connect with aligned beings that are here for ALL OF YOU

I feel your heart & I'm here to offer this experience to SHIFT IT ALL!

With Sensual Self Love practices, mindfulness, embodiment, unrecorded share circles, and more... You're going to change the way you see yourself.

From there, you'll move differently in the world. In more alignment, liberation, love, and sovereignty...🌹


An 8-week journey to Authentic Confidence & Self Expression through Divine Feminine Connection

Confidence happens organically in this work because:

You're doing a complete rewire of your relationship to yourself by investing in your relationship with you. 

I'm plugging you into the present moment with mindfulness practices that get you deeply grounded in your body

We're shattering taboos and ripping up rule books 🔥

You get the permission slip and practices to connect with the divine feminine... which is something society doesn't normally make space for

ALL OF YOU is dignified & celebrated!! 

You're lead into being more self sourced rather than looking everywhere external for answers

You have the support of sisterhood with unrecorded women's share circles and a private community group (plus 1:1 support with me if you choose the VIP tier)

Unshakeable, Authentic Confidence... no more "fake it 'til you make it"

& with that comes your POWER to be a Self Expressed Babe 🔥

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Self Love Mentor & Embodiment Guide for women

Growing up, I was the quiet girl. The one too scared to speak up, be seen, ask for a raise, go after the guy...

I was the girl who was disconnected from my body (thanks, purity culture) and so disconnected from my feelings. My heart was closed.

Mindfulness started shifting things. Embodiment let me go deeper…

Sensual Self Love was the icing on top of the cake that quantum leaped it ALLLL.

I didn't have to TRY to be confident anymore. I just was.

Today I'm blown away by my body & self  acceptance that allows me to express myself confidently. The younger version of me would have LOVED a program like this, which is exactly why I am here.

Look down at your heart & your body... all that you crave will come from connecting to Her...

This connection within is what gives you capacity to express yourself fully & confidently with all the humans you desire to connect with. Lovers, soulmates, soul sisters, your tribe, your clients, your business partners...

I'm holding the highest desire for you to have a huge shift in your confidence & self expression in these 8-weeks!!

Imagine not giving a f*ck what other people think because you KNOW IT IN YOUR BONES that you are worthy & gorgeous!! What would shift in your life??

cilia close up

I'm sharing this work because of a phrase you might have heard before: Your consciousness creates your reality

The problem with that? Most people think consciousness ends at thoughts and beliefs. BUT...

Your consciousness is ALSO YOUR BODY. 

womb cocoon

An 8-week journey to Authentic Confidence & Self Expression through Divine Feminine Connection


Here's what's inside:

Opening Ceremony Nov 29th

Private telegram group and community space outside of Facebook

Part One: Building Safety to Surrender into Shadow &  the Darkness of Winter (Live calls 12/6 & 12/13 plus content on our community platform)

Part Two: Womb Cocoon. This is your space to go within. We won't have any calls but you will be held within our private community and telegram group

Depending on the group's needs, additional women's circles or other calls may be added

Private Facebook Community

Optional additional 1:1 support (see below)

Your Journey Awaits...

Here's what it'll look like:

Initiation: Pre-recorded content & practices to land you into the space as soon as you sign up


✨ Opening Ceremony

Module 1: Spaciousness + Inner Connection🧘🏻‍♀️

Live Zoom Call, Pre-recorded Module content


Module 2: 🌹Meeting your Divine Feminine

Live Zoom Call, Pre-recorded Module content, Unrecorded Women's share circle

WEEK 3---integration time--


Module 3: Sacred Rage🔥

Pre-recorded module content


Module 4: Heart Wide Open

Live Zoom Call, Pre-recorded Module content, Unrecorded Women's share circle

WEEK 6---integration time--


Module 5: Vision + Artistry

Pre-recorded Module content, Live workshop


✨ Integrating with your Inner Queen: Unrecorded Women's Circle & then a closing ceremony

Opening Ceremony is Friday, April 14th, 10am PST

Calls held on Mondays 11am PST and Fridays 10am PST

Full call schedule will be given to you once you sign up & additional women's circles, group sessions and/or Q+A calls might be added depending on the groups needs.

Final call // Closing ceremony

Fri, June 2nd, 10am PST


An 8-week journey to Authentic Confidence & Self Expression through Divine Feminine Connection

In this virtual women's retreat, you'll journey into the depths of yourself &  bring fourth your personal power.

You will feel beautiful, magnetic, and radiant. You'll feel deeply worthy to go after what you want and I'm so excited for you!!

17 spots available

application required, join waitlist for invite

10 live calls with replay access

Additional Resources on Community Platform

Private Community (that isn't a FB group!)

Telegram group chat

$613 or 3 x $250

$444 or 3 x $177

until Oct 27th


Who is this retreat for?

Women who want to grow their confidence, self acceptance, body acceptance, and ability to be authentically and fully self expressed.


What if I don't feel confident to show up in a group space?

It's up to you to decide if you want to be in the space. All calls, unless otherwise noted will be recorded through zoom. I do not record the support circles to keep those shares confidential.

If you don't feel comfortable sharing on calls, know that you are not required to do so. Feel free to show up with your camera off. And you can catch up on the replays of any recorded calls.

I would invite you to push yourself to show up, but only to a point that your nervous system can handle.  Titrate in and out of the experience as you feel safe and grounded to do so.


How big will the group be?

I'm capping the space at 25 people


What happens if I miss a call?

All module and Q+A calls are recorded so you are able to watch the replays.

We will have unrecorded women's share circles that I encourage you to make it to as these are not available on replay if you miss them.


What do I need to access the content?

Internet, Zoom, and Facebook


Is there lifetime access?


The facebook group will stay open but won't be regularly monitored after we close the space.


Is there a payment plan?

Your investment can be split into 2 payments, and you have more options the earlier you join as all payment plans will need to be complete before the last day of the program, June 2nd 2023. Please reach out to me if you need a payment plan at: hey@selfexpressedbabe.com


Are there refunds?

When you send your payment through to sign up, you are committing to show up in this space. If you show up for the calls, show me you did the work, and you don't experience a shift, I will honor a full refund.


Are there scholarships?

Once I have 10 people enrolled, I will open up partial scholarships for the group experience tier.

I'm also open to alternative payment plans as long as it doesn't extend longer than the length of the program.

If a scholarship or custom payment plan is something you are looking for, please email me at: hey@selfexpressedbabe.com


How long do I have to sign up?

Presale ends April 3, 2023 and doors close April 15, 2023.

Have a different question? Email me hey@selfexpressedbabe.com subject line QUESTION

Join waitlist to receive an application

One spot

10 live calls with replay access

Additional Resources on Community Platform

Private Community (that isn't a FB group!)

Telegram group chat

$613 or 3 x $250

$444 or 3 x $177

until Oct 27th

Bestie Bundle (two spots)

All the same, but you're signing up for the experience with a bestie! (Make sure she joins waitlist too!)

Application has a spot to enter your bestie's name, but you both need to apply

$1000 or 3 x $375

$713 or 3 x $250

until Oct 27th

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