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Calling all busy, stressed out Entrepreneurs!

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Are you ready to make more money while working less?

Do you wakeup frustrated with your business?

Are you questioning if this entrepreneur thing is going to work? With "maybe I should get a real job" in the back of your mind?

ricHERpreneur is perfect for you if:

You're ready to grow your online business with money making activities

You want to be booked out with clients

You want to earn more cash while working LESS

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make more money while working less

Imagine, just 3 months from now:

You're visible to a wider audience & bringing in new leads daily

You have seamless workflows and get more done in less time

Your offers keep selling so you have more income with less stress and burnout

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What you get in this program:

make more money while working less as an online entrepreneur

12 weeks of 1:1 spiritual and business growth training calls

6+ Workbooks and PDFs for transformative success

Weekly audits/visual critics of your projects (social platforms, posts, sales pages, etc)

12 weeks of M-F text & voice note support

Audio mediations, visualizations, and affirmations to help you take money making actions

Client Love

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Hi, I'm Cilia!

Having always been a high achiever, I fell into the habit of working A LOT without hitting my money goals.

I was stressed out, wondering where my next sale would come from.

I knew I was here to serve and I wanted to create a business that wouldn't cost me my freedom, happiness, and health.

I learned business is all about energy and I needed the right energy behind my strategies. By using spiritual healing modalities like meditation, EFT, Mindset Work, Chakra Work, etc I was able to stop wasting time and become a ricHERpreneur.

Running a business is hard, I get it. I'm here to ground you so you handle your stress well, focus on the actions that matter, and make more money while working less.

I get to to this space with proven spiritual healing & self development practices. Strategy only works if your energy is in the right place.

Now is the time to reach your money goals instead of just dreaming about them!


On our Abundance Call, we will:

Declare your income goal for the next 90 days

Find your biggest bottleneck towards your 90 day goal

Go over step-by-step strategy to hitting your income goal in the next 90 days

ricHERpreneur Investments start at $1111 per month