Hi! I'm cilia

Holistic Self Love, Sexuality & Relationship Coach 

Guiding you in your next expansion in self love, pleasure, and relational connection while feeling sexy at every age

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Body is your Baby

Free Masterclass & Guided Practice

Hi, I'm Cilia!

Sex, love, and Relationship coach for Women & folks who want to experience more pleasure and connection in self love and/or relationship
Inclusivity statement: My work is welcome to women and anyone who grew up socialized as a girl/woman (non-binary folks, and trans men)

Doing the work around healing, celebrating, and liberating your s.xuality is the deepest form of self love there is. 

And this deep self love plants the seed for all areas of your life to grow from.

My offerings are designed to help you drop into your body, love your body, and to see pleasure and s.xuality as magical and divine.

I'll help you expand into what you didn't think was possible for you in self love, sexuality, and love.

Heart Magick

Self-paced breast massage and embodiment course for your new era of Self Love



Openly Spoken is the podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen.

Guest & Solo episodes about self love, spirituality, relationships, woman hood and more

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