Cilia Antoniu, CEO of Self Expressed Babe

I'm so grateful you landed here.

I'm Cilia a S.x, Love, and Relationship Coach for your self love & pleasure liberation journey...

I’m passionate about helping women feel more connected to themselves and their partners. I work with women of all sexual orientations who are either single or in a monogamous relationship.


In my work, I hold the vision of you becoming a new version of you that isn’t exactly new because it’s who you secretly were this whole time.


Think of my work as a walk home and a “remembering” of your worth, power, and beauty.

Inclusivity statement: I focus my work and marketing/messaging on women, however my work is welcome ALSO to anyone who grew up socialized as a girl or woman (non-binary folks and trans men). This might not always be present in my social media posts, marketing, etc simply to focus on my niche but you are welcome here gorgeous soul!!

Let's remember the sensational pleasure of being fully alive in self love, s.xuality, and relationships...

I’ve always enjoyed the pleasures of art and used to be immersed in the world of fashion as a custom luxury gown pattern maker for a small boutique in Miami, FL.


While I was playing in creativity, I was somehow living life from the neck up. Lost in my head, numb from the neck down, completely cut off from my body, sensations, and deep feelings/emotions. (Can you relate?)

This felt so normal that I didn’t realize it was happening.


My environment was pregnant with gossip, competition amongst women, and over consumption.


Art and the love of making art led me to such a toxic, stressful place.


That stress led me to yoga in 2014 and, in short, it changed my life. I quit the job, broke up my 6-year long toxic relationship, and started feeling self love for the first time since childhood.


That self love helped me walk away from the fashion industry even though I'd worked PASSIONATELY to put myself through university without student loans.


Yoga eventually led me to embodiment work and work around celebrating, healing, and liberating s.xuality.


I learned that doing the deep work to feel safe, free, and loved within your own s.xuality is the deepest work of self love you can do. And that ripples out into all other areas of your life so I'm really excited you are here!!

The training that flavors my work:

  • Currently in the 2023 cohort of the VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching Certification program (a trauma informed program and in 2024 I'm currently studying specializing in Life Transitions and Female Sexuality)


  • EFT Master Practitioner Certification


  • Forgiveness Life Coaching Certification


  • Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced Course, Landmark Excellence Course, Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program


  • Barre & other fitness trainings (I don't currently teach fitness but this informs the embodiment work I lead in my sessions)
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
    • plus 5 years of teaching experience in yoga, meditation classes, and pranayama (breathwork)


  • BFA in Fashion Design
    • My love for art helps me see YOU as art. My BFA isn't really relevant to our coaching together but hopefully this helps you get to know me 😂

I'm devoted to learning & growth which gives me a huge toolbox to pull from to serve you!

why you need a mindfulness practice

I stand for...

Earth & the various life forms here








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