Cilia Antoniou

Hi! I'm cilia

Mother Wound + Female Sexuality Coach

I help ambitious women+ heal the mother wound through the lens of sexuality so that they can reclaim their power & confidence and create deep, trusting relationships in the process

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I'm probably the only coach you've heard of who looks at Mother Wound Healing through the lens of Sexuality.

Why? Because Sexuality is the deepest area of Self Love

+Inclusivity statement: I work with women, and vulva-bodied people who grew up socialized as women.

You're here because beneath everything, you want to feel powerful.

You want to know and own who you are, unapologetically.

You want to feel confident, radiant, and freely self expressed.

And you want deep, trusting, and loyal relationships in both friendship and romance.

You're ambitious, heart-centered, and creative.

And it's time for you to pause and devote to your healing, liberation, and thriving.

But you feel like the mother wound is holding you back.

As a trained Sex, Love, and Relationships coach, the foundation of my work is in you remembering you're inherently worthy & deserving of your desires.

I help you chip away at your mother wound, step into a deeply loving relationship with yourself, and create the relationships of your dreams from there.

Whether it's deepening your relationships with your partner, future partner, friends, money, or your creativity... it all begins with the foundational relationship with yourself.


Openly Spoken is a Self Love & Relationships podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen in relationship, your work, and (most importantly) in the relationship with yourself.

We talk about self love, s exuality, the Mother Wound, and Relationships

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Heart Magick

Self-Study Breast Massage Course to remember your divinity through sensual self care.