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Helping ambitious, spiritual women tap into Authentic Confidence, Grounded Growth & Unleashed Self Expression through Self Love & Confidence coaching and mind-body practices.

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Hi, I'm Cilia!

Women's Empowerment Mentor, Mindfulness Expert & Quantum Self Love Coach
Cilia Antoniu, CEO of Self Expressed Babe

I'm on a mission to create a world with more fully self expressed, embodied, and empowered women.

If you're overwhelmed, stressed, and doing ALL the things and the results are meh... I might be your missing link to Grounded Success!

I'm here to show you EVERYTHING you want is possible when you tune into Self Love at the Quantum Level.

I fully believe that your life gets to completely shift when you have a DEEP inner connection to self love. The relationship you have with you is the foundation for EVERYTHING

If you know you want to believe in yourself more, love yourself more and/or express yourself more all of my work & creations are for you!!! 😘


What makes me different?

I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to connect you to your own truth so that you are self sourced in your life.

My holistic approach to mindset accesses your beliefs at more than just the thinking level so you can fully embody your most empowered self.

Certified Master EFT Practitioner, Forgivness Life Coach, and 200 E-RYT Hatha Yoga & a forever student of all things self development. 

Instant Workshop (+Bonuses) Access

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Designed to empower you to:

STOP following unaligned strategies!!!

Go LIVE with the business you've been dreaming of 

Shatter your fear of Selling

Be DONE hiding your face when you want to show up and give value

Have a physical practice you can come back to for life to HOLD YOU during your entrepreneur journey-- repetition & consistency is key to changing your subconscious


Openly Spoken Podcast

New Episodes Every Tuesday 5am EST

Openly Spoken Podcast with Cilia Antoniou

The podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen in your truth and for your dreams.

Tune in to hear real unfiltered stories about life transitions, spirituality, woman hood, healing, plant medicine, sexuality and more

I know it's hard to fit in a box, so I cover a wide range of topics to feed your multi faceted self!

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