Embodiment work- What it is and how to do it

Embodiment work is a beautiful practice to get in touch with your feminine side. The side of you that feels, a lot.

And embodiment work is SO NEEDED in this world. You probably resonate with that if you live in your head a lot, feel overwhelmed by all the notifications, news, episode drops of shows (remember when we had to wait a whole week to watch our shows??)

If you’ve seen embodiment posts in Instagram, you might think it’s “sexy dancing”. But that’s not what’s happening here.

Embodiment is moving with what you are feeling.

It’s the somatic side of mindset work. A way to work with limiting beliefs by moving with and through what you feel… and seeing what comes out on the other side.

Embodiment can also be moving with how and who you want to be in this world. Acting as if you already are the person who has everything your current self desires.

I’m so passionate about sharing embodiment work because it’s SO POWERFUL. You seriously can have MASSIVE ENERGETIC SHIFTS from just one practice.

A real life example…

In 2019, I was devastated by a break up. This was the first time I was the one to get dumped. And I had previously agreed to go to a dynamic group meditation session with a friend and didn’t want to cancel.

I walked into the space with a broken heart believing genuine happiness was something I was never going to feel again. And in this dynamic meditation, which I now know as embodiment work completely transformed my energetics.

I walked out of that space ELATED, feeling connected to self-sourced love, grateful for the pain I was going through…

Why? Because embodiment practices have you face, move through and with what you feel. This gives you the release your body craves and so deeply needs.

And this is something adults aren’t given space to do… think about how a toddler can cry and go crazy in public but if an adult did that…

You need this space to go crazy. Obviously, in your own space lol, not at the grocery store please.

When you release contractive energy (stress, sadness, anger, etc) you make space for something new to come in.

Which was exactly the experience I had. At some point, my intuition took over. My body moved me and my mind was just observing, relaxing, and enjoying the experience.

Embodiment is a form of mindfulness work!

So how do you practice?

There are many layers and pieces you can explore & that I go through in my work with clients but here’s the basic formula:

Movement + Breath + Sound

Start out by tuning into what you feel. And if you feel nothing, tune into that because numbness is a feeling too.

Then turn on some music, take some deep breaths… and move.

Let go of it looking a certain way. It’s not supposed to be pretty. Embodiment is messy, primal, asymmetrical…

Noticing your mind’s tendency to step in and hold back certain movements, match the music, or repeat the same movement is a form of a mindfulness practice. Let go of the mind and come back to movement with deep breaths.

As for the sound piece, let yourself exhale loudly. Groan, moan, scream… whatever intuitively happens, allow it. You might say things that don’t represent actual words, that’s perfect.

Allowing the sensations you feel in your body to take you away for a ride in this space you make for yourself is the embodiment practice.

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