Cilia Antoniou

Hi! I'm cilia

Holistic Self Love & Relationship Coach for busy, ambitious women

Guiding you to slow down and drop into your body so you can create deeper, more aligned relationships

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For high-achieving Women & folks who can't seem to slow down and connect
Inclusivity statement: My work is welcome to women and anyone who grew up socialized as a girl/woman (non-binary folks, and trans men)

I'm here to help you move from basic self care to self reverence.

There's a deep well of self love within you already, and I'm here to help you access it, and expand it.

Because the relationship with yourself has a ripple effect on everything else in your life.

Because you've already done it all, checked all the boxes... and yet it feels like something is missing.

Because you're desiring to connect in friendship and romance... and that begins within yourself.

As a Self Love Coach, my offerings are designed to help you drop into your body, love your body, and to thrive within the ripple effect this creates in the relationships outside yourself

I'll help you expand into what you didn't think was possible for you in self love, sexuality, and relationships.

Body is your Baby

Masterclass & Guided Practice



Openly Spoken is the podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen.

Guest & Solo episodes about self love, spirituality, relationships, woman hood and more

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Heart Magick

Self-paced breast massage and embodiment course for your new era of Self Love