Why you need a mindfulness PRACTICE

Practice is the key word here. Mindfulness comes with practice, so choosing something you can devote to will bring you grounding, healing, and confidence.

I’m here to help you ground, express yourself, tap into your endless creativity & be authentically confident and at the very foundation of my work is mindfulness.

But again, mindfulness is a PRACTICE. Doing something once isn’t enough. There needs to be a devotional commitment to show up for yourself again, and again, and again…

So I have to ask:

What are your current rituals? Even if you’re not intentionally having them… you have things that you repeat.

And these habits are feeding into how grounded you feel, how content you feel with your past, and how confident you feel.

So get curious. What are you spending your time doing over and over again?

Do your best not to judge it, we’re just taking inventory here. Celebrate noticing what you want to change… this is the very beginning of being mindful.

When you can gradually replace these unintentional actions, like scrolling on instagram first thing in the morning for example, your numbness goes away, you get to heal from what you’re avoiding, you get to feel grounded and so many more things.

You need a mindfulness practice because you are a natural being living in modern society. You are a domesticated human animal.

With this domestication comes some very beautiful luxuries but it’s also not natural for your body, mind, spirit.

I mean, look at what happens to animals in captivity. You are also a part of this natural world…

You need a mindfulness practice because this is the remedy to thriving in todays world.

With your technology, responsibilities, and stresses of your physical needs being behind a paywall… mindfulness helps you become the eye of the storm.

Mindfulness helps you take the stress, pain, anger…anything contractive and alchemize it.

Not stuff it down, reframe it, or push past it. You get to embrace it and that’s how you receive authentic grounding, confidence & healing.

I’m talking actually living a life that FEELS GOOD instead of settling for a life that looks good.
…mindfulness helps you become the eye of the storm.

So my fellow human, begin a mindfulness practice today. There are MANY flavors of how to practice. The trick is finding something you’ll actually do and you can actually repeat.

And if you desire a guide, my 6-month 1:1 space Grounded Growth could be perfect for you. I’d love to see your application come through so we can have a chat on zoom and see if it’s the right fit.

Thank you for reading these words, your presence and energy is felt & appreciated.

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