The Healing Power of Relationships and embracing Authenticity with Naomi Sarah

I’m so grateful to be able to share this beautiful conversation with you all about embracing authenticty and the Healing power of relationships. We’re joined today by Naomi Sarah.

Naomi is an alignment and mindset guide. She helps her clients rediscover their authentic voices through de-conditioning outdated beliefs and walking with them as they reunite with their true selves.

After years of losing herself in a past relationship, she finally found her way back home to herself in 2020 and now helps others do the same. She creates a safe, unconditionally supportive space for her clients to uncover their authentic wants, desires and dreams while helping them bring these dreams to reality and creating a strong foundation to amplify it all.

First experiences in Long-Term Romance

We started this conversation off camera talking about our big break ups and first long term relationships to bring in the healing power of relationships as a topic

Cilia: By the end of the relationship, I basically didn’t have any friends because he would judge my friends and be like, I don’t want you going out with them. He’d be worried about cheating and it was insane.

When I think about it, even now, I’m like, I was with him from 18 to 25. Those are like some peak years!!

Naomi: Exactly. Those are your years where you find out who you are.

Cilia: Yeah, I’m like, Dang! I could have been like exploring who I was! I feel like even now, like this year when we met in Medicine Muse (Summer 2022) I feel like even from that point on, I’ve learned so many things about myself.

Before we hit record, you were talking about finding your voice and how that feels like a constant journey. I totally relate to that. Like I’m constantly learning that it’s safe to be myself.

Naomi: Yeah, exactly.

Cilia: And with expressing yourself, it’s such a good sign in any relationship, whether it’s romantic or even friendship, when you can talk for hours.

Naomi: Oh my gosh. Yeah.

Cilia: Especially in romantic relationships, I think that’s a good sign because you click on that friendship level. And I think in a lot of the dating scene that is, that is missing a lot and I think it’s cuz people are scared because it is scary to let someone get to know you

Naomi: It is scary to scary. And I feel like now a lot of people are just trying to check off a box and fit someone into this slot that they see themselves with.

I was like talking to a guy last summer and his main thing was, I’m getting old. I need to meet someone so I can have kids. So he was just going through all these girls trying to fit them into that box. But it’s like, I don’t know, I felt like something was missing from him. He was missing that emotional connection and wanting to connect with someone on that level, it was very surface.

So even with that, you know, I tried to force it and it wasn’t right at all. I was like but understand– because he is an Aquarius. My dad’s an Aquarius– I was like, I understand when like people are emotionally unavailable, I can deal with it. And then as soon as I like met my partner now I was like, wait… I don’t need to force anything?!?!!!

Like… I don’t need to have, I don’t need to pretend like it’s okay if someone doesn’t get back to me for hours?! And you know, it was so. So different. So strange. So I do think people are scared.

And I feel like it really forces you to look at yourself.

Cilia: Oh yeah, for sure

Naomi: And they don’t want to.

Choosing yourself and embracing your authenticity

Cilia: Yeah, that’s so true… you have to look in the mirror. I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing with people about self-love and doing that inner work because any relationship really is going to come from there.

And that’s the space where we get to clean up whatever imprinting we have from our very first relationships with mom and dad or whoever else took care of us if we had like someone else raising us. And…it’s a scary place to venture to. It’s terrifying. But I think what most people don’t realize is that it’s scarier to not do it.

Naomi: Yeah, exactly. Because then it’s like you’re okay with just mediocrity. You’re okay with settling

Cilia: And sometimes you don’t even realize you’re settling until after like you mentioned how afterwards with the guy who wanted kids because he was “getting old”, afterwards you were like why did I try to make that work?

And I’ve had those moments too in past relationships where I’m like why was I pretending I was okay with that when I wasn’t?

Naomi: Yeah, absolutely I agree with you

Cilia: If anyone is resonating with this, I’m feeling called to recommend a book that I just finished reading. It’s called What My Bones Know by Stephanie Foo and it’s a memoir about healing from complex PTSD. And for her, friendships and then her romantic relationships when she was older and did some more healing, was very healing for her and really helped her step into her own voice and her own self-love.

I think that could really resonate for anyone that that has had relationships in the past where they tried to mold themselves to fit that other person’s wants/needs/desires/ideas of who they “should be.

Naomi: Yeah, you totally lose yourself because everything is just about that other person. But then it’s like you’re giving everything away. You’re giving yourself and you’re walking further and further away from who you are.

And then, just like you, I was 18 as well when I started dating my ex, and I was with him until I was 29. But when I was 25, I should have left. Cause something happened when I was 25 and I was still kind of conditioned from growing up Catholic and going to Catholic school, I was like, well this is the person I had sex with, so I have to marry them or else I’m gonna go to hell.

So that’s kind of what kept me there. And I didn’t really realize it, but there was so much guilt behind it. I then couldn’t open up and I couldn’t express myself. It was also transactional.

And now I’m like, I’ve been missing out this whole time?!

Cilia: That’s how I felt when I left at 25! I had maybe like a year where I just like casually dated and I was like, Whatttt, this is so fun! I’ve been missing out on this!

Naomi: Exactly

Re-writing the story of your body

Cilia: I think a part of why so many people miss out is because of Purity Culture.

Naomi: Mmm-hmm

Cilia: I didn’t grow up religious but even though I didn’t, religion is very popular and it’s around you and the morals or teachings or Christianity and Catholicism [and even other religions] can still kind of like seep into your mind.

Naomi: Exactly

Cilia: And I would shame myself about things like having crushes on multiple boys. 😂

Naomi: 😂

Cilia: There’s a big piece there about reclaiming our sexuality and realizing that it’s a part of being human. And it’s also how we were made and it doesn’t make sense to make the thing that creates our life bad and sinful and evil and all the things.

Naomi: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You know, I’m only now recently realizing, okay, so this is supposed to be fun. This is supposed to be something that we both enjoy. It’s not just like for one person to, you know, feel better afterwards and another person to feel used.

But on top of that, it’s like totally awakening my creativity again. I’m feeling inspired and I’m just feeling good energy in my body and I feel like I feel IN my body instead of so outside of it like I had been for so long.

I feel safe too, which is like really key. One thing I noticed before is with my other partners, like I haven’t, I haven’t been with many, but my body never really reacted well to them afterwards. And with this partner now, my body is just really happy. Nothing weird is happening.

Cilia: It’s also super healing when you are in a relationship where the person like actually cares about your enjoyment in that way.

Naomi: Oh my gosh, yeah!

Cilia: When my husband and I first got together, he would ask me what do you like? And I didn’t even know how to communicate my needs. I’m just like, I’ve never had someone ask me that. Usually I’m just like, do what you want.

Naomi: Exactly right. And then too, the response could be “Well, what do you want?” I find myself kind of trying to take the focus off of me and put it back on them cuz that’s more what I’m used to.

Cilia: Yeah, like a comfort zone, right?

Naomi: Yeah and now that means I have to figure out what I want. And he is like, okay, great, so we can figure it out together then, that’ll be fun.

Cilia: Mm-hmm.

Naomi: I’m like, okay, pressure’s on because then I really have to start thinking about it and thinking about myself and what feels good for me and that like deeper layer of getting to know myself.

Cilia: Yeah

Naomi: I’ve done so much up here [motions to head] and with my heart, but down in my sacral, it always felt not safe.

Cilia: Oh, I’m so excited for you!!

Naomi: Yeah, I’m excited too, it’s really great. I’m also someone who’s very mental, so if you can talk to me and make me feel good and — I talk about the most random things — and if he can keep up with me, then that’s amazing. And he keeps up with me and he just like, is the same.

And although he’s not super into spirituality like I am, but he listens to me and he’s like, that sounds really cool. We should totally talk more about it, let’s learn more together.

Cilia: Mm-hmm, I love that.

Naomi: I love that too.

Cilia: That’s cute

Naomi: And I’m just smiling all the time. Never, ever felt that way before. So, yeah, I guess, yeah, it was about your age. Well, I’m 31 now.

Cilia: I’m 33

Naomi: Yeah but when you guys first started dating, you were 30 and now being older… we know we want and we’re more clear on it and we can ask for it if we’re not getting it. And not feel ashamed or guilty or like we’re doing something wrong for speaking up and asking for what we want.

Cilia: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Speaking up, speaking out, and being seen.

Naomi: And, honestly, I’ve been doing that in every area of my life this year. I used to just cower and just leave if something wasn’t working out. With work, I would do that. If I felt like I was overworking and they weren’t seeing my worth, I would just be like, well, that’s fine, I can just leave.

But for the first time ever, that happened to me this year. Earlier this year in February. And I was like, no, I’m not. I’m not gonna just leave. I’m gonna file a complaint. I’m gonna take this as far as it needs to go. And it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

And I cried during the mediation. But afterwards I was like, well, I said everything I needed to say and they know that they messed up and that they can’t get away with this. And even though I didn’t continue the process and go to the actual court with it, I felt okay cuz I stuck up for myself.

I did what I needed to do. And I was like, well maybe this will stop them from doing the same to other people. And that was the first step, I would say until, like, things are really shifting for me this year.

And then I had issues with my health so even with that, I had to speak up for myself and say, well, I’ve been experiencing this for a few years now and I don’t know what to do.

You know, my doctor was trying to push birth control on me because my iron levels were very low, I was like severely anemic. So, She was like, well, I think it’s your period, so just take birth control. And I was like, No. I’m not gonna take birth control. I want you to do the blood test. Send me to everyone you need to send me to.

And so, although, you know, we haven’t figured out what the causes yet, we’ve ruled out a lot of things. And I’m still not on the birth control cause I know it’s not for me. It really messes with my body and I’m trying to be in tune with myself and not have things messing with my chemistry. So even that, was a feeling safe to express truth kind of moment.

And then in friendship, I had a friendship and I felt I uncomfortable with something that had happened New Year’s last year. I wasn’t in no place to talk about it. So what did I do? I ghosted.

And then months went by and then I thought, you know, like, this person was just always on my mind.And I was like, okay, I think I’m ready to talk about this. I think I need to just let her know where I was at and what’s happening now. And that was the best conversation we’ve ever had.

She was like, I wouldn’t have been able to even receive this from you anyways, if you told me back then, and I was like, yeah, I know. I wasn’t able to even express myself and tell you and feel brave enough to do that.

Cilia: Mm-hmm.

Naomi: So it was really huge for the both of us. And then with Medicine Woman [a group mastermind Naomi was in at the time of this recording], I allowed myself to feel supported by these women and to feel safe in that space. I know that whatever I say, it’s okay. They’re not gonna bash me, they’re not gonna judge me. It’s all just for us to grow and learn together.

And then my partner came into my life then I’m getting job opportunities then… just.. things are flowing so easily and I’m not forcing anything. I’m not trying to make people see me. I’m just showing up as me every day and the right people are noticing.

Well, not even the right people, my people are noticing. Instead of me trying to push myself onto everyone and make everyone like me or everyone see my worth.

People who don’t like me just aren’t my people, that’s my lesson this year. That was my thing this year. And it’s nice that we’re doing this in December because we can really look back and see the patterns, the cycles, the things that we’ve moved through.

What was your year like?

Coming home to your body

Cilia: Oh man. So honestly, before Medicine Muse [course that Naomi and Cilia met in], I for some reason don’t really remember what the year was like. It was a lot of like learning and being stuck in books and courses so maybe that’s why I don’t remember much.

But in the beginning of the year, in January, I devoted myself to a course that I bought myself for my birthday last year. It was a sexual healing course, a yoni egg course. I bought it November of last year and I did a few of the modules and it was super triggering. I’m like, oh my God, I don’t wanna do this.

Then January came and I dedicated myself to it. I got extra tools that I needed and like fuzzy blankets, pillows, to make myself comfortable and I told myself, if I’m just going to listen to the audio and just breathe and imagine doing the stuff, then that’s what I’m gonna do. But I’m going like, show up for it and do what I feel safe doing.

And that it changed so much with my anxiety. Anxiety is something that like I had my whole life, but I didn’t realize I had it until the lockdown in 2020.

A little bit before it too because right before the lockdown I was up to my neck in commitments with other people because I had a full-time job and I was also a full-time yoga teacher and I didn’t know how to say no to things.

And the relationship with my husband, we had started dating in 2019. We were long distance at the time because I was living in New York and he was here in California. And when I would explain to him how I would feel, he’d be like, that sounds like anxiety.

And I’m like, okay, let me sit with that and see if that’s true. And I realized that like I had anxiety my whole life, but I didn’t know it was anxiety because the parents that raised me were that way so I thought it was a normal way of being.

Naomi: Oh my gosh. Yeah. Feeling that 100%

Cilia: Yeah so when I dedicated myself to the yoni egg course, it really anchored me, like you said earlier, how you feel that you’re like IN your body.

Naomi: Mm-hmm

Cilia: It really anchored me into my body. There was a point where I realized myself being on Zoom calls and just being like… I felt my womb as I was talking and I was just super plugged into the present, like more than I ever have before. So that was a big part of the year for me.

With Medicine Muse, I feel like there was a lot of waking up to the fact that a lot of the courses and books I was learning from before that course didn’t actually really align with me. And I’m still kind of navigating how to talk about certain things without being alienating to people.

Naomi: Mm-hmm

Cilia: I know that I’m here to serve women and to help them feel at home in their bodies and express themselves. But I know that… not all women have breasts. Not all women have p*ssies. There’s so many different kinds of human beings and I wanna be an ally as well to people of the LGBTQIA+ community. So that’s like what I’m currently navigating.

BecauseI don’t wanna be like, “women need to be flowy and men need to be structured.” Like, no, that’s not…like, I don’t wanna gender-ize things so much because it has nothing to do with gender.

And in ending the year, I’m now in a coaching certification program.

Naomi: Congratulations!!

Cilia: Thank you! Yeah, once I signed up for it, I’m like, this is why Medicine Woman wasn’t for me because I wouldn’t be able to go into this.

Naomi: Absolutely

Cilia: It doesn’t officially start until January, but I already have access to some of the bonus materials and what books we have to buy and what materials we have to buy and even that is already triggering because it’s a sex love and relationship coaching certification. I feel like those three things, the themes in my life that I feel I’ve been deeply wounded in. I’m grateful that the first trimester of this program is inner work before we get into the coaching skills.

Naomi: That’s so good because it’s like you have this deeper understanding of it. You know the shadow sides that will show up and you’ll know how to move people through it. You’ll know how to support them because you felt it as well and you understand. So sometimes I’m grateful for the triggers, although they’re so difficult.

And it’s just so much sometimes. But that’s really what forces you to move forward. And kind of like forces you to decide, am I going to stay the same, or am I going to do something different? Am I going to really honor myself in this? Or just, you know, not show up for me again to stay comfortable, to stay safe.

Cilia: Mm-hmm, yeah. I think triggers are, are really good mirrors too.

Naomi: Oh my gosh, yeah.

Cilia: When I feel triggered, my instinct is always to put my hand on my heart and ask my inner child: what’s going on? What are you feeling? What do you need?

And almost always when I’m triggered, the person that’s triggering me is either doing something that I don’t allow myself to do, or they’re displaying a trait that I know I also have, but I don’t like about myself. Or it’s things that I’ve learned is “bad”. Like I used to be very triggered by the word p*ssy. I used to hate it. And I remember when Cardi B came out with WAP, I was so triggered.

I remember telling my sister that I finally understand how the old people that were around when Elvis was like thrusting his hips and, and they were having a fit. I’m like, I feel like those people right now. Because I’m like, what is she doing? Like uhhuh.

Naomi: No, honestly, I felt the same. I was like, what is this song? Anybody can make anything popular these days. So me in my mind I was like, well, then I could be a rapper too. Like, I just think weird things like that all the time. But yeah, that one definitely shook a lot of stuff up for lot of people.

Cilia: I’m glad it did

Naomi: Yeah

Cilia: And, so when I realized that that word didn’t trigger me anymore… I was in a masterclass with someone and the topic was not sexuality at all, but she kept saying like, she said p*ssy a few times in the masterclass. And I noticed that I didn’t get a body response of like, disgust. It was just like nothing.

And I’m like, oh, okay. Let me dive into more. Let me, let me see what, what there is out there. And that’s how I found the yoni egg course. My curiosity was opened up.

It’s to see, like even what you were sharing before, it’s cool how like one thing happens and like, you see how it kind of creates kind of like a snowballing effect

Naomi: Yeah

It starts with ONE decision

Cilia: Where it all leads to the next, and it’s kind of like your new life starts from one decision you make to like leave the relationship, go to therapy or quit smoking or like whatever big decision it is that you’re having a hard time with.

But in the moment… it doesn’t feel that way. Like, I remember when I ended that relationship when I was 25, I felt like I… I was just like, what am I gonna do with my life?

I broke up with him, packed a backpack and like left and left all my stuff.

Naomi: Wow.

Cilia: Which, when I think about it now, now that I’ve gone through a breakup where someone broke up with me. I realize now I’m like, damn, Cilia, that was an a**hole move to leave all your stuff. Because like, this guy was super heartbroken and he had to go through all my stuff. Sending apology vibes to this person, but I also don’t wanna reach out to them.

Naomi: Yeah. I guess it’s also the circumstances behind how you ended as well that make a huge difference. When I broke up with my ex, it was because, so okay. Little backstory.

We were engaged for a year after 10 years of dating, and I kind of like always felt like, I don’t know if I should really be doing this. Then Covid happened and I was just feeling more and more like, okay, I’m not okay with this, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should leave.

So I started asking my grandma who passed away, I would often pray to her and one day I was just like at my wits end, I was crying in the shower and I was like, grandma, please, I don’t know what I should do if this is not the right thing for me just show me in a way that I cannot ignore.

And literally the next day I found out he was cheating because he left his phone unlocked.

Cilia: 😮

Naomi: I was trying to figure out how to turn off a video that was playing and then I accidentally opened up all of these tabs of like dating apps and messenger, like all this stuff under fake names.

Cilia: Oh my God

Naomi: And I obviously was devastated. That was the first time I’ve ever like gone through anything so traumatic. So my heart broke into pieces. I was like, I don’t even know who this person is. And there was no doubt in my mind that I, you know, that’s it for me. There’s no going back. Everything was broken.

That was a very interesting place to move through. And I was experiencing feelings I didn’t even know were possible. I didn’t know that your heart could actually break in your chest and those emotions and those feelings, I’ve never felt that before because I was so out of my body in that relationship.

And I didn’t know that it meant so much to me, but it was just everything around it, you know? It’s like all of the sacrifices I made, all of the ways that I tried to change myself, to make myself into the person you wanted me to be. Just everything that I did that I knew was not in alignment with what I wanted, and I did it anyways.

It was just all of those things that were ending and it was the worst thing, but it was the best thing for me. It took me maybe six months of crying, like every night. And then one day I was just walking outside and this song came on my phone it was Tay Money Fresh Prince A**.

That song came on and something just like flipped in my brain, she says something like, I don’t know. I don’t remember what she said, but I was like, why am I even like stressing over this? Why am I crying every day? Like I have my life back. I can do whatever I want from this point on.

And then that’s when I kind of started coming back into myself and I booked this Reiki massage. Well, I didn’t know it was Reiki at the time. It was just called a fusion massage. And the masseuse would do all these different modalities on you, like traditional massages and little bit of energy healing. And she was like reading my aura and she was like, I feel like this might have happened to you as a child. Is that true? And I was like, yes. She’s like, I feel like you don’t wanna speak, like what happened when you were younger?

I ended up remembering back when I was a kid and singing lessons and I was so terrified to do our recital and sing in front of everyone. And you know, me shutting down started back then. And then she was like, do you know about human design? I think you might be a reflector cuz I can’t really, like, I feel like I’m just seeing myself in your aura.

And I was like, no, what is that? And then I went down the rabbit hole of that, you know? And that’s really when things started shifting that snowball. I really just intensified from there.

And then I was like, okay, I don’t know where I’m going with this. I was just absorbing all of these books and audio books and like stuff on YouTube and I was like, okay, I need help. I don’t know what I’m doing. So I was just like praying, asking for guidance.

And then I saw an old friend of mine from high school who was doing coaching and like I was like, Hmm, maybe I should like reach out to her and see what this is about. And then I started working with her and then she introduced me to all these other people and it’s just been nonstop since then.

And yeah, I’m like, wow, I could not imagine staying in that place where I was, you know? Like, this version of me today… I’m so grateful for her and I love her so much and I would not change anything, even though it was like the most difficult things. I wouldn’t change anything

Cilia: Same, I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life at all. I’m very grateful for it and I almost feel like it was… it’s what was meant to happen.

And with our work, with being coaches, our life experience flavors the work that we do. And even outside of work, I know that I want to be a mom within the next two years and I feel like everything I’ve been through is going to make me a good guide and I’m gonna be able to, you know, really teach them from experience.

Another piece that my husband and I talk about a lot is how when you experience, I guess dysfunction, as a kid, it kind of wakes you up in a way and gives you this kind of like, wise perspective.

It unfortunately comes with some disassociation from your body but then the journey, once we’re older and we feel safe enough, we get to journey back to our bodies. And then it’s amazing from there.

Inner Child & Inner Teenager work

Naomi: It is! I feel like now is when I’m actually having fun and doing all those things that I wanted to do when I was a kid that I never got to. Like I’ve been painting and like doing all these little fun things that I used to love like crossword puzzles or word searches I should say. I used to love them as a kid, and then I saw at Costco, they had like this huge book of word search that I bought.

It’s like fun to bring the fun in and just relax and let go for once.

Cilia: Mm-hmm, yeah, I so resonate. Right now I’m, I’m in a phase of doing the things that my inner teenager wanted to do. I’m gonna have to now, after this call, listen to like songs I loved as a teenager.

Naomi: I have to tell you, I actually only listened to songs from when I was like a teenager. So like all those like R&B and hip hop songs from the early two thousands.

Cilia: Like, Ashanti?

Naomi: Oh yes. I was just looking at that the other day. You know, like, that’s why I really love Tay money is because her music, she kind of emulates that, like I made this new mood manifestation playlist for myself where it’s all about how I want to feel and like the confidence that I want, and she’s all into that, so she’s fun.

Cilia: Yeah that sounds fun. I love R&B and I don’t listen to it as often as like I know I would like because I don’t know any artists aside from Ashanti, Erykah Badu, old Destiny’s child. I love how R&B is so layered, my favorite is the background vocals.

Naomi: Well if you want some ideas I should send you some of my playlists.

Cilia: Ooo yes please!

Naomi: Okay, I’ll make you a playlist of good R&B stuff, like older stuff and newer stuff.

Cilia: When I was in high school, my friends and I used to burn each other’s CDs, I feel like this is the equivalent of that.

Naomi: I just found all of my burn CDs from high school– nobody makes CDs players anymore so I had to find my old Blu-ray and play them on my tv. And every song is just like, remembering how I felt when I heard it the first time and being in the car with my friends driving around town.

Cilia: That’s so cute!

Naomi: Burned CDs used to be my life.

Closing Questions

Cilia: What does self-love mean to you?

Naomi: To me self-love means accepting yourself and loving yourself completely, whether you’re doing good or doing bad, you know, in any way, and really being your own safe place.

Cilia: Mm, I love that being your own safe place.

Naomi: I like that too. I’ve never said that before, but it feels good.

Cilia: That’s what I love about podcasting, like you just riff and an angel drops into your mind and just speaks for you. Speaks truth.

Naomi: Yeah. Speaks what we need to hear

Cilia: Yeah. So the next question is, what makes you feel the most grounded?

Naomi: What makes me feel the most grounded is being with the trees. I absolutely love walking in forests and just getting lost and being with the birds and just watching the leaves and you know, the limbs just move and flow freely. That’s where I feel grounded and connected.

Cilia: Mm-hmm. I love that. I think we’re twins.

Naomi: I think so too, because a lot of the things you’ve been saying, I’m like, wait, that, that happened to me too. So it’s, yeah.

Cilia: Yeah, same! When you were sharing your story, I was like, wow, we have so many parallels and I could just keep talking. We’ll have to do another zoom call where we just chat and like not record it.

Ok last question, what is your favorite part about being a woman?

Naomi: My favorite part about being a woman…although I’m not a mother yet, I find it very amazing that we can create life. And I saw something really cool on Twitter the other day actually, where it was like, we bring souls into bodies. And I was like, whoa, that’s deep.

You’re the first safe place, you’re the first home for a child. And even in having a child, there’s so much responsibility in that. Of course you need two people to make one. But we’re the ones who are really offering up our bodies as that place for them to grow. And I think that’s really cool and that we have like moon cycles and we’re so connected to the moon and you know, right now my period is totally synced with the moon. It’s really, really funny, but I think that’s really cool too.

Cilia: Yeah, I wonder too, um, if you’ve always felt that way about your cycle?

Naomi: No.

Cilia: Yeah, same. I also never gotta talk about what was gonna happen to my body.

Naomi: You didn’t?

Cilia: No. I just learned from a video at school.

Naomi: No, but like for me, it wasn’t much better I think. I got my period really early, I was either like eight or nine and my mom was saying, well, now you can get pregnant now, so don’t let any boys touch you. And I was like, okay–

Cilia: And then the boy touches your shoulder and you’re like, I’m pregnant!!

Naomi: Exactly. That guilt, I felt like that’s another thing that really contributed to it. Oh, there’s so many things that were just like, I took so literally so seriously as a child. I didn’t have a childhood. I was my brother’s parent and I honestly feel like I was my mom’s parent too. I feel like we’ll need to get deeper in this another time.

Cilia: Yes, let’s do it. And for the people listening, where can they find you online and find out more about you and find your work and all of that juicy stuff?

Where to find Naomi

I am on Instagram and YouTube, so my names are the same on both platforms at Naomi Sarah, and I am doing coaching right now. So if anyone is interested in one-on-one coaching to go a bit deeper into mindset and self-worth, self-love, finding your voice, and really just manifesting or calling in your desired life. Then I’m available for that as well but for right now, it’s just doing some creating, putting out some content, some good content.

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