What are the benefits of Breast Massage?

Mmm, I’m so glad you’re following your curious call of knowing what the benefits of breast massage are and I thank you for being here. This is life changing work for women. You being here, reading this post is a moment in time where a new reality begins to manifest in your lineage. One where the matriarchal line is in her power, pleasure, and creativity. Let’s dive in, babe.

Benefits of breast massage

Adapting breast massage into your life is a practice. Which, to get these benefits I’m laying out for you, needs to be something you keep coming back to. If you’re desiring to develop a breast massage practice, I invite you into Heart Magick, my 11-day breast massage journey here.

Breast Massage heightens your sensitivity

Maybe you don’t always know how to put your feelings into words. And/or maybe when you tune into your body, you don’t really feel anything.

Breast massage helps you feel more. You might not feel anything the first time, which is again why it’s a practice. But overtime, this work opens you. Because your body learns to trust that it is SAFE to open up.

Because breast massage is such a mindful practice, it helps you pay attention to what is present. And if what’s present for you in numbness… that’s a HUGE start because numbness is a feeling. To KNOW that you are numb is starting a new journey of transformation.

Overtime, a breast massage practice works its magic to open you up and your breasts begin to feel more. They’ll go from numb and maybe even painful to being a place that loves to receive touch.

Breast Massage helps you release trauma

Our breasts are in the area of our heart space, where all our emotional wounds get stored. You get to connect to your heart space by using your breasts as a portal inward.

With the movements of breathing deeply while massaging, squeezing, or shaking you’re somatically releasing what your heart space has stored. And this gets to go a whole lot deeper than talking about your trauma on a couch to a therapist. That’s great too, but going deeper than the thoughts, talking, and word level is key to actually letting what’s no longer serving you go. You need to feel to heal.

Having a guided practice to start you out, helps you stay plugged into the present moment so you can fully feel and release what comes up.

Breast Massage gives you Authentic Confidence

Connecting with your body in an intimate way, like through breast massage, gives you deeper self love & acceptance. Your old beliefs about what your breasts should look like begin to fade away and a new relationship builds.
This plants a seed of confidence right in the middle of your heart that can’t help but shine outwards as you stay devoted to this practice.
Also, even if the beginning of your breast massage journey is numb & painful, the pleasure comes eventually and there’s something so magical about experiencing pleasure that gives you that extra pep in your step! (Ever have your best friend know you got lucky the night before just by looking at your face??)

Spiritual Awakening through your breasts

This might be my favorite benefit, breast massage has the power to give you a spiritual awakening. Why? Because the world has its opinions about what breasts are supposed to be and look like. And the world definitely has its opinions on touching your body.
So when you move through a practice that puts you face-to-face with the limiting beliefs from society, you can break through them. Your perspective is then forever changed and there’s no turning back.

Start your Breast Massage Journey

The benefits of breast massage could be an endless list and I invite you to see for yourself what benefits you receive from breast massage. If you desire a guided practice to get you started, join my 11-day breast massage & sensual self love journey for women- Heart Magick. There’s community to support you, bonus embodiment content to help you move through all the feels, and journaling work to help you recode your beliefs.

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