Breast Massage: What are the benefits?

You’re curious about the benefits of breast massage and I can’t wait to spill the tea… thank you for being here. I’m literally overjoyed at the thought of more and more women and people with breasts learning about this because this is a life changing practice. You being here, reading this post is a moment in time where a new reality begins to manifest in your lineage. One where the matriarchal line is in her power, pleasure, and creativity. Let’s dive in, babe.

*I might say “she” “her” and “woman” exclusively or the most in this post because it’s my niche focus to work with women. However, this work is open and welcome to non-binary folks and anyone with breasts.

Adapting breast massage into your life is a practice. Which, to get these benefits I’m laying out for you, needs to be something you keep coming back to. If you’re desiring to develop a breast massage practice, I invite you to join my self-study breast massage course designed to help you step into your new era of self love: Heart Magick

Breast Massage heightens your sensitivity

Maybe you don’t always know how to put your feelings into words. And/or maybe when you tune into your body, you don’t really feel anything.

Breast massage helps you feel more. You might not feel anything the first time, which is again why it’s a practice. But overtime, this work opens you. Because your body learns to trust that it is SAFE to open up.

Because breast massage is such a mindful practice, it helps you pay attention to what is present. And if what’s present for you in numbness… that’s a HUGE start because numbness is a feeling. To KNOW that you are numb is starting a new journey of transformation.

Overtime, a breast massage practice works its magic to open you up and your breasts begin to feel more. They’ll go from numb and maybe even painful to being a place that loves to receive touch.

Breast Massage helps you release trauma

Our breasts are in the area of our heart space, where all our emotional wounds get stored. You get to connect to your heart space by using your breasts as a portal inward.

With the movements of breathing deeply while massaging, squeezing, or shaking you’re somatically releasing what your heart space has stored. And this gets to go a whole lot deeper than talking about your trauma on a couch to a therapist. That’s great too, but going deeper than the thoughts, talking, and word level is key to actually letting what’s no longer serving you go. You need to feel to heal.

Having a guided practice to start you out, helps you stay plugged into the present moment so you can fully feel and release what comes up.

A note on releasing trauma: if this happens during your breast massage practice, you’ll want to be sure that you can be aware of the present moment. So memories of the past might be flashing by, or emotions might be getting released AND you are aware of where you are right now. Getting lost in the experience will only re-traumatize you so be gentle with yourself.

It should go without saying, but breast massage is NOT a replacement for therapy and neither are any of my programs.

Your breasts are the center of Self Love

Connecting with your heart cannot get anymore intimate when it’s done through breast massage. When you’re mixing pleasure with this mindful, meditative practice it heightens the level of love you are able to access.

What’s so nourishing about the pleasure that you feel (or slowly start to feel) is it can act as a resource for any trauma released through this practice. So if you’re going to the depths of your feels and there’s an aspect of mixing that with pleasure, your nervous system learns that it’s safe to heal. It’s safe to complete stress and trauma cycles. It’s safe to look at your shadowy side.

The deep self love that comes out of this practice is so transformative for the relationship with yourself. Think of how in relationship with another person, your connection grows deeper when you share intimacy together. The same goes for the relationship with yourself- it becomes stronger when you experience intimacy with yourself.

Breast Massage can ease you into Self Pleasure

Many women share the reality of NOT making time to self pleasure because we are taught that our bodies are dangerous, shameful, gross or sinful. Whether you grew up religious or the collective culture around you seeped in… there’s some piece of self pleasure not being okay. If it’s ever celebrated, bragged about, or talked about casually– it’s usually in reference to men.

Because of all this, it can be scary for you to start your journey in self pleasure and dismantling your fears and shame around it. I was once there myself.

Breast massage is a great way to start that self pleasure journey because the breasts aren’t as “threatening” as genitals. That doesn’t mean it’s super easy to drop into, which is why I made sure to put foundational support pieces in Heart Magick like embodiment practices and resourcing techniques.

A Natural & Authentic Confidence Arises in you with this practice

Connecting with your body in an intimate way, like through breast massage, gives you deeper self love & acceptance. Your old beliefs about what your breasts should look like begin to fade away and a new relationship builds.
This plants a seed of confidence right in the middle of your heart that can’t help but shine outwards as you stay devoted to this practice.
Also, even if the beginning of your breast massage journey is numb & painful, the pleasure comes eventually and there’s something so magical about experiencing pleasure that gives you that extra pep in your step! (Ever have your best friend know you got lucky the night before just by looking at your face??)

Spiritual Awakening through your breasts

This might be my favorite benefit, breast massage has the power to give you a spiritual awakening. Why? Because the world has its opinions about what breasts are supposed to be and look like. And the world definitely has its opinions on touching your body.
So when you move through a practice that puts you face-to-face with the limiting beliefs from society, you can break through them. Your perspective is then forever changed and there’s no turning back.

Start your Journey to a New Era of Self Love

(**edit: since the launch of this program, it is no longer an 11-day experience and its living library has grown to have way more content)

The benefits of breast massage could be an endless list and I invite you to see for yourself what benefits you receive from breast massage. If you desire a guided practice to get you started, join my breast massage & sensual self love journey, Heart Magick.

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