The Journey of Liberation

Liberation is not an easy path, but it’s a rewarding one. The starting point on how to get liberated is to consciously decide to make a change. But what unfolds when you take action? Here’s my take on it based on my own experience, my client’s experiences, my research into psychology & the brain, and what friends have shared with me.

Phase one: Meet a personal Edge

Like I just said, first you make a conscious decision to change something. Change isn’t easy so I like to see this as you meeting a personal edge.

Whatever it is that scares you, liberation is right on the other side of that fear. I’m sure you can think of one example in your life of something you were afraid to do that didn’t turn out so bad. First day of school as a kid maybe?

Anyways, if you’re seriously looking for how to get liberated, what helps in this first phase is having clear intentions and a strong reason why. These will be like tug boats pulling you through when the waters get stormy.

Phase Two: Resistance comes up

Once you decide to change and you act on it, the aftermath might shake up your consciousness and activate your nervous system.

This is normal. Ego LOVES for things to stay the same. Your ego mind is only trying to keep you safe and this is the strategy it’s using to make you want to turn around and run away from your liberation journey…

Since you have those strong intentions and reason why from the first phase, you don’t want to quit. But it feels so activating and hard right?

That’s why in this phase what helps is grounding practices. Things are being shaken up and brought up to the surface. If you can ground yourself, the capacity to hold this heightened state expands. And as you can hold what you really feel, and be with it, then you get to move THROUGH it.

Phase Three: Chaos & Shadow

On the path to liberation, things start to get more intense. This is why most people aren’t liberated. It’s hard work. But it’s safe and so rewarding at the end.

By this phase, the old you is DYING. Your old way of thinking, feeling, and believing is starting to shake off. And that’s terrifying to the ego.

Because who are you without these old beliefs or thoughts? The very thing that is blocking you is also something you might be clinging on to because it feels like a part of what makes you, well YOU.

I so get that. I was so attached to scarcity mindset and insecurities around being an immigrant for so long. The struggle of what I had to go through was a part of my identity. Allowing in abundant thinking was scary because I was afraid of my own light.

Are you afraid of your own light? Interesting, right? That’s ego again, trying to keep you safe. Let’s say “thank you ego for loving me and trying to keep me safe, but I’m going to do this my way”

Because dropping ego is not the answer. Or making ego wrong. That’s a whole other blog post here

What’s helpful in this phase is embodiment practices, shadow work, and getting support through a mentor, guide, healer, etc.

Phase Four: Reflection

This is the time where you pause and look back. Asking yourself questions. Taking time to slow down. Contemplating in this way is so underrated and not done enough in modern society because we’re all so busy.

But insights come from this space. Just like how ideas come to you in the shower, your intuition needs that space to breathe and feel safe to reveal its messages to you.

Phase Five: Meet your inner sovereignty, power, and worth

Mmmm, you did so well moving through the first four phases and here is where you receive a delicious reward. This does not come from just reading this post, thinking about these concepts, etc.
Your liberation comes from you taking inspired action, being honest with how you feel and holding that, giving yourself the nurturing you need to keep going, taking time to reflect and hear your intuition…. and then, woo, you will BLOW YOURSELF AWAY!

Phase Six: Integration

This new level for you starts to sink in as a new normal. You start connecting with the world in new ways and see new things in places you’ve looked before.
And guess whaaattt? Then you get to meet a NEW personal edge and start the journey all over again.

In my opinion, this is what makes life interesting. You get to always grow, learn, and experience your power and capabilities in new ways. And the people around you get to benefit from you doing this work.

This doesn’t happen overnight. Each day you take action you might not notice progress, but it’s happening and will end up compounding.

If you desire high touch support in how to liberate yourself, I have a one-year mentorship for women who are going through a big life transition, saturn return, break up, or are serious about liberating themselves in new ways. It’s called HER EXPANSION and you can find the details here

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