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The Embodied Woman Collective

An online community membership for women who desire a deeper connection with their womb space and who want to walk the cyclical path of living WITH nature

Calling all passionate, ambitious women who love a good frolic in the forest- is that you?


You're balancing your relationships, career, and amidst the hustle and bustle, you crave connection: to your body, your self-worth, nature, and the people you love.


Sometimes it feels like there's so much going on that it's hard to pause and smell the roses, feel the grass at the bottom of your feet, or receive pleasure from the sip of your warm morning drink.


You want more than just a thriving career or family life—you seek fulfillment, self-love, and meaningful relationships.


You desire to embody your truest self: confident, loving, and connected.


You desire

to be deeply grounded





And most of all- you're desiring to to the above within a supportive, like-minded community of other women!


I made the Embodied Woman Membership for women like you!!


In Embodied Woman, you'll receive tools and practices to come to again and again that will help you cultivate the relationships and life you truly desire.


Once a month, we'll come together for a women's circle where we not only connect as a group, but you'll connect 1:1 with fellow community members to create lasting connections.


Together in this space, you'll deepen the connection and harmony in your life through practices that deepen your relationship with your truth, your higher self, and others.


I created this membership because we are meant to:

1️⃣ Pause

2️⃣ FEEL

3️⃣ Move

4️⃣ Relate/Socialize/CONNECT

5️⃣ Learn

6️⃣ Create


I would say that these 6 above things are deep needs that help us feel nourished, resourced, and embodied. And there aren't many opportunities to really devote time to these 6 needs.


Embodied Woman was created with each of these 6 pillars in mind, there is something for you to receive each of these 6 pillars while you're in this space.


We pause within: Monthly Guided Practice in Women's Circle & your online curriculum portal with practices


We FEEL within: Again, the Monthly Women's Circle & Embodiment practices within the online curriculum portal


We CONNECT/Relate/Socialize within: Breakout rooms during our monthly women's circle (which is of course optional for you to participate in) and our private online community.


We LEARN within: Again, the online course portal but also within 1:1 coaching if you choose the VIP membership tier.


We CREATE within: Through all of the above, watch your membership help you create a new thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and hopefully you feel inspired to make more art with your hands (which is so vital for women!!)

Welcome to your era of exquisite self love

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The 5 Love Languages of the Embodied Woman membership:

Quality Time: Our once-a-month online women's circle gathering as a group along with the option to connect in a breakout room with 1-2 other members

Touch: Sensual embodiment practices with the core curriculum (and for VIP members, within the Heart Magick course that comes with your membership tier!)

Gifts: Purchasing this membership is a gift to yourself and it will be a gift that will keep on giving as the space grows and expands in the future

Acts of Service: You commitment to an annual membership is an act of service, a devotion to your most exquisite era of self love

Words of Affirmation: 1:1 coaching, community connection, practices within the membership

Most often, we think about the love languages within the context of relationships but one of my main teachings in this space is to apply your main love language within SELF LOVE

What's inside Embodied Woman:

-A comprehensive curriculum designed to support you with your embodiment journey so that you can come home to your body, connect with your deepest desires, and go out there to manifest them with ease!!

-Monthly online Women's circle

-VIP members: Monthly 1:1 Coaching session + Lifetime access to Heart Magick (breast massage course)

For VIP members- Here's what you can work on in your 1:1 once-a-month coaching session:

-Anything related to Sex, Love, and Relationships

-Self Love

-Grief Support

-Becoming your Body's Best Friend

-The Mother Wound

-Recovering from Burnout

-Period/Cycle Synching and Reclamation work


About me/ my unique flavor/ why I created this membership:

This space combines my experience and skills in teaching Mindfulness (Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork) & Fitness (Barre) with my training in Facilitating Womb Circles and my coaching in Sex, Love, and Relationships.

My focus as a coach is on Mindfulness, Embodiment, and Integration

I created this membership to be a space to give women what they need: to pause, to move, to have a community of women to connect with, to learn, and to create.

divine feminine selfie

FOUNDING MEMBER: General Membership

$ 349/year
  • Once a month virtual women's circle (plus optional breakout rooms with 2-3 people)
  • Embodied Woman Course Curriculum
  • Weekly Early Access Video from YouTube Channel (Sundays)
  • Private online community
  • As a FOUNDING MEMBER long as your Membership remains active, you're grandfathered in at this price point
  • Sign up for waitlist & be notified when $100 off Pre-sale begins


$ 997/year
  • Everything in General Membership
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with Cilia
  • Lifetime Access to Heart Magick Course (currently priced at $349)
  • As a FOUNDING MEMBER long as your Membership remains active, you're grandfathered in at this price point
  • LIMITED SPOTS, sign up for Waitlist to be notified when doors open
  • Sign up for waitlist & be notified when $100 off Pre-sale begins


What is included in this membership?

A once a month 90-minute women's circle, a private online community, access to the Embodied Woman course curriculum and early access to new Youtube videos from my channel about Self Love.

VIP tier members get all of the above PLUS a once-a-month 1:1 coaching call with me. Due to limited availability, the once a month coaching calls do not roll over into the next month if you do not schedule your call for the month. VIP tier members also receive Lifetime access to the Heart Magick Course.

How can I connect with other people in this community?

During our monthly women's circles, there will be a portion of the call where attendee's will be put into breakout rooms of 2-3 people each. You are always welcome to opt-out and stay in the main room for this portion of the call. There is also an online community portal where you can connect with other members

How does billing work?

This membership is currently on an annual billing basis and you will be automatically charged the annual rate on the same date every year. As long as your membership remains active, you are grandfathered in at the price you signed up for even when the price goes up in the future. Should you cancel and then re-sign up later, you'd be paying whatever the annual rate is at the time of signing up again.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds

Is there a minimum commitment//can I cancel any time?

Currently this membership is only offered on an annual basis. You may cancel at any time but when you sign up, you're getting a year's worth of access to the space and this is non-refundable. If you cancel before your year is up you will continue to have access up until your annual access is complete and you just won't be automatically be charged for the following year