Find your Joy with Laura Isabella Machny


Today we’re talking about where to find and connect with your hidden joy. We’ll chat about the Metaverse, embodiment, the full spectrum of emotion, prioritizing pleasure & more. Today’s guest is Laura Isabella Machny– Spiritual Life Coach & Tantra Teacher. Laura helps spiritual awakened women step into their own innate power, self-love, and pleasure so…

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What are the benefits of Breast Massage?

what are the benefits of breast massage

Mmm, I’m so glad you’re following your curious call of knowing what the benefits of breast massage are and I thank you for being here. This is life changing work for women. You being here, reading this post is a moment in time where a new reality begins to manifest in your lineage. One where…

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What’s divine feminine energy?

Hey curious being, I’m here to answer your burning question: what’s divine feminine energy? Maybe you’ve seen a trend in people talking about this on instagram. Maybe you’ve even heard some things about it that you don’t agree with. I’m here to set things straight and hopefully help you shift something today. Benefits of Connecting…

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5 Skills Every Woman Needs to Know

Welcome, Sister. The world is shifting. We as women are rising in power. Standing up for our sisters in other countries. Feminine energy is more seen, heard, and celebrated that ever before. And we’re only just beginning. But how does this happen? It happens at the individual level FIRST. And in this post, I’m giving…

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