How I use Pleasure to Manage Anxiety

How I use pleasure to manage anxiety

Today I’m sharing how I use pleasure to manage anxiety. And before we go into that specifically, there are some things I want to talk about to preface this topic. Firstly, I had this episode idea originally written down as “how pleasure helped heal my anxiety” and I want to talk about why I decided…

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Attachment and Soulmate Love with Pauline Busson

Pauline: I’m a love coach and I help single independent women create loving and secure relationship. I do this with mostly rewiring, healing, addressing what is getting in the way that mostly comes from the subconscious or from the past. And showing them where they actually have influence and what they can do to shift…

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Find your Joy with Laura Isabella Machny


Today we’re talking about where to find and connect with your hidden joy. We’ll chat about the Metaverse, embodiment, the full spectrum of emotion, prioritizing pleasure & more. Today’s guest is Laura Isabella Machny– Spiritual Life Coach & Tantra Teacher. Laura helps spiritual awakened women step into their own innate power, self-love, and pleasure so…

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