What are the benefits of Breast Massage?

what are the benefits of breast massage

Mmm, I’m so glad you’re following your curious call of knowing what the benefits of breast massage are and I thank you for being here. This is life changing work for women. You being here, reading this post is a moment in time where a new reality begins to manifest in your lineage. One where…

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How to Stand Out Online

how to stand out online

There’s so much noise on social media these days and you might feel like your market is saturated. You might be feeling discouraged to show up online in fear of failure. But don’t you worry my friend, you’re about to learn how to stand out online through this post. It’s simple, easy, and you can…

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Benefits of Spiritual Work for your Business

When I say I help entrepreneurs make you more money while working less within 90 days through spiritual healing, I usually hear two questions: “How can spiritual work boost my business?” and “What exactly is spiritual work?” The spiritual work I share with clients are things that support your mindset, your spirit, your emotions, your…

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you have big aspirations, you might have had the pleasure of meeting our mutual friend: Ms. Imposter Syndrome. This post is all about how to overcome imposter syndrome so she doesn’t stop you in your tracks. First off, let me explain why I gave imposter syndrome a gender. Women are more likely to experience…

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