What are the benefits of Breast Massage?

what are the benefits of breast massage

Mmm, I’m so glad you’re following your curious call of knowing what the benefits of breast massage are and I thank you for being here. This is life changing work for women. You being here, reading this post is a moment in time where a new reality begins to manifest in your lineage. One where…

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Is it self love or narcissism?

Self love is way more talked about on social media, which is great but when can this become toxic? If you’ve been doing what you’ve seen online and you still don’t feel like you can learn to love yourself… we have to talk about when what you’re being shown is actually self love or narcism.

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Embodiment work- What it is and how to do it

Embodiment work is a beautiful practice to get in touch with your feminine side. The side of you that feels, a lot. And embodiment work is SO NEEDED in this world. You probably resonate with that if you live in your head a lot, feel overwhelmed by all the notifications, news, episode drops of shows…

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