How to Use Social Media Consciously

Cilia Antoniou, founder of Self Expressed Babe

You might be burned out from showing up on socials or just about ready to delete your account. Frustrated that growth isn’t happening… or blaming social media for being bad for your mental health… (I’ve been here too) When really it’s all about how you use it! By shifting your mindset, actions, and thoughts around…

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Benefits of taking a break from IG

I’ll specifically be referencing Instagram for this post because that’s where I live most on socials. But you can apply this to any platform. If you get serious FOMO when thinking about taking a step back from being on the gram, I get you. If you’re a business owner feeling “scared that people will unfollow…

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How to Stand Out Online

how to stand out online

There’s so much noise on social media these days and you might feel like your market is saturated. You might be feeling discouraged to show up online in fear of failure. But don’t you worry my friend, you’re about to learn how to stand out online through this post. It’s simple, easy, and you can…

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Journal Prompts for more Clarity in your Business

Journal Prompts for clarity in your business

Are you looking for more clarity in your business? Most of the clients, followers, and facebook group members ask me about this topic. The unexpected thing you’ll find in being an entrepreneur is everything starts within you. What society told you about entrepreneurship is wrong. You don’t need to be overworking and it’s okay to…

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What Should I Talk About Online?

what should I talk about online?

With Social Media being on the forefront of small business advertising, you might be thinking: ” What the heck should I talk about online??” Once you narrow down your topics based on what your audience needs, the ideas will flow to you. But social media is constantly being refreshed. Your post is “old” faster than…

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