Journal Prompts for more Clarity in your Business

Journal Prompts for clarity in your business

Are you looking for more clarity in your business? Most of the clients, followers, and facebook group members ask me about this topic. The unexpected thing you’ll find in being an entrepreneur is everything starts within you. What society told you about entrepreneurship is wrong. You don’t need to be overworking and it’s okay to…

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

If you have big aspirations, you might have had the pleasure of meeting our mutual friend: Ms. Imposter Syndrome. This post is all about how to overcome imposter syndrome so she doesn’t stop you in your tracks. First off, let me explain why I gave imposter syndrome a gender. Women are more likely to experience…

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5 Tips: Becoming Fully Self Expressed

If you’ve clicked onto this post, you might be wondering how you can start becoming for fully self expressed. This has been a huge journey that I’ve gone on in my life. The journey never ends because there’s always somewhere to improve. That is a beautiful thing because it’s a goal you can always be…

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