5 helpful skills for women and people with wombs

Welcome, Sister. The world is shifting. We as women are rising in power. Standing up for our sisters in other countries. Feminine energy is more seen, heard, and celebrated that ever before. And we’re only just beginning. But how does this happen?

It happens at the individual level FIRST. And in this post, I’m giving you the 5 skills every woman needs to know that contributes to this rising, healing, and liberation of feminine energy.

Let’s begin, babe.

Embodiment for what is present

The first piece is being able to sit with your feelings, which embodiment is an amazing tool for. Whatever is TRUE for you in the moment deserves to be felt. Whether that’s rage, sadness, fear… there’s a way to move it through your body.

Embodiment is sometimes confused for dancing in a sexy, sensual way and celebrating that about your feminine body. Which, embodiment can be that but this isn’t where it ends.

This is a tool for you to move, breathe, and feel through the waves of your emotions.

Benefit: More openness because you stop making your feelings wrong. This openness makes you more present, creative, and empathetic.

Self Pleasure Rituals

Connecting with your yoni, breasts, and whole body is essential for a woman to be in her power. This is where you get to slay shame, move through emotion, and open your heart up to the world.

Going down this path, you’ll receive a sexual awakening if you’re open for it. When this happened to me, I understood at a whole new level why there are sexuality coaches out there who are so passionate about what they do. It’s not because they love sex (which they might), it’s because sexuality is a big part of what we are because we are animal.

And sexuality work puts us right up against what society at large has taken from us. Sex only sells because it’s been stolen from us… and is sold back to us piece meal.

Within how sex is sold to us via media, we get ONE view of sex. Quick, fast, and heavy…

Intimacy is then lost. And humans get treated as objects. Dating apps become a menu of who to consume next and never talk to again after.

Men are celebrated for their high body counts.. and women are called whores. So there’s a huge shame piece here.

And when we don’t want to feel our shame, we’re projected into a game of narcissism. Putting on a happy face to look good while we don’t feel good inside.

What a genius way to get us to keep buying things that will make us feel sexy and whole right?

Self pleasure rituals is a way out of this loop.

Alignment with the Seasons

As a woman, you are cyclical. Whether you bleed or not. Your hormone levels change throughout the month. Going through spring, summer, fall, and winter (menstruation) each month.

Going against your nature is only going to deplete you, so get to know your cycles.

The environment around you will also effect your energy levels so use the seasons to your benefit. Rest most in the winter, and get out there and slayyy in the summer.

Unedited Self Expression

You need a safe space to create. No one needs to see your creations, do it for you. This could be a journal, painting, time to dance, the possibilities are endless.

Un-filtering your expression on the regular helps you come to deeply know who TF you are and confidence is a natural bi-product of that!!

Self Acceptance to get WEIRD

Listen babe, you’re a human and all humans are weirdos. Give yourself that space to be silly, wild and free. Catch the judgments that come up and work on letting them go.

With self acceptance life becomes less serious & more fun… and the mindfulness helps with facing the truth that you’re only here for a BLIP of time. So you might as well have fun!!

Stay Connected

Thank you for reading this far, boo. I hope these tips helped you & if they did I would love to hear from you on Instagram. Come follow me there and send me a DM!

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