5 helpful skills for women and people with wombs

Welcome, Sister. The world is shifting. We as women are rising in power. Standing up for our sisters in other countries. Feminine energy is more seen, heard, and celebrated that ever before. And we’re only just beginning. But how does this happen? It happens at the individual level FIRST. And in this post, I’m giving…

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Embodiment work- What it is and how to do it

Embodiment work is a beautiful practice to get in touch with your feminine side. The side of you that feels, a lot. And embodiment work is SO NEEDED in this world. You probably resonate with that if you live in your head a lot, feel overwhelmed by all the notifications, news, episode drops of shows…

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Why you need a mindfulness PRACTICE

why you need a mindfulness practice

Practice is the key word here. Mindfulness comes with practice, so choosing something you can devote to will bring you grounding, healing, and confidence. I’m here to help you ground, express yourself, tap into your endless creativity & be authentically confident and at the very foundation of my work is mindfulness. But again, mindfulness is…

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