5 Things to do when you feel Directionless

You want a life of freedom and fun, but where do you even start? Are you still figuring out who you are or what you want to do with your life? How do you know what to do when you feel directionless?

I know this feeling all too well. And it’s definitely magnified when family or people you care about start asking you what you’re doing with your life.

So today I want to share what you can do when you feel directionless so you can let your shoulders relax. It’s actually really simple, it’ll just take some time for you to sit and get your thoughts out.

So grab a journal, or download this post’s free download below and let’s dive in!

1. “Begin with the End in Mind”

First you’ll want to picture the last days of your life. Sound morbid but this tip comes directly from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Begin with the End in Mind”. It’s going to bring a lot of intention into everything you do.

Make this very simple for yourself by starting with how you want to BE when you’re old and retired. What energy do you want to have? What skills do you want to have? Where do you want to live?

2. Connect with the Present

Take an honest look at where your life is right now. What currently brings you joy? And what in your life drains your energy?

Make a list of those things. Being aware is the first step to making changes.

Next, look at your thoughts. Do you mostly have thoughts that focus on negative outcomes? Is your energy being spent on heavy thoughts?

Think of your Energy like a seed. What seeds are you planting? Do you have to take any of those seeds out of your garden?

3. Welcome Your Inner Child

We looked at the future and the present, now let’s look to the past. What did you LOVE doing when you were a kid?

As children, we express ourselves more authentically as adults. The world hasn’t yet put their limitations on us. See if you can connect with the things you were interested in childhood and bring them into your life now.

4. Find Conversation Trends

This is a fun place to look: what do you find yourself talking about a lot? Is there anything your friends come to you for advice on?

Let’s also pretend you were to give a speech about a topic and you didn’t have anytime to prepare it. What is something you can talk about? Are their any subjects you find yourself gravitating towards and learning about just for the fun of it?

Take this further by asking your friends and family what they love to ask you for advice on. You might learn something new about yourself.

5. Look to Who you Admire

When fall in love with messages shared by others and become a fan, there’s always a reason.

The people you admire have won your approval. Why is that? What specifically do you love about the person?

Can you “try on” any of their skills, hobbies, careers, or characteristics?

Diving Deeper: A Personal Map

If you took the time to reflect on these questions, congratulations. You know yourself a little bit better and more than most people.

When you feel directionless, putting these 5 things into one document or journal can help you find parallels. You can see in front of you now what you value.

And if you know what you value, you can put all life decisions against these values and ask yourself “Is this aligned with me?”

Think of your personal map as a business’s mission statement. Except it’s for you personally. The pieces of a business can almost always be paralleled with personal work.

After answering the questions in this post, take time to free write your personal mission statement. There’s no right or wrong and it’s not going to get done in one day. Give yourself at least 5 days.

From your free writing, highlight the things that speak to you the most and summarize it into a 1-4 sentence personal statement.

This, btw, is one of many ways to get more sense of direction in your life and business. You might need something different.

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