What’s divine feminine energy?

Hey curious being, I’m here to answer your burning question: what’s divine feminine energy? Maybe you’ve seen a trend in people talking about this on instagram. Maybe you’ve even heard some things about it that you don’t agree with.

I’m here to set things straight and hopefully help you shift something today.

Benefits of Connecting with Divine Feminine Energy

I seriously wish every human being could learn to connect with this side of themselves. Divine masculine energy is essential too, and one isn’t better than the other, but divine feminine has kinda been stolen from us.

When you connect with divine feminine energy, here’s what happens:

  • Deep acceptance of your self
  • Radical acceptance of your body
  • Confidence happens organically
  • More alignment in your life because you prioritize what you put your efforts into AND are making space for rest & integration
  • Deeper connection with others
  • More creativity
  • All areas of life get to become more fun & abundant
  • Stress & anxiety relief
  • & so much more!!

If you’re a woman who wants to connect more deeply with divine feminine energy in a group setting, check out my upcoming virtual retreat here.

This has NOTHING to do with gender

It’s an energy, not a gender stereotype or some sort of norm to stick to. In this physical world, we live in a space of duality or opposites. And one of those opposites is masculine vs feminine. In terms of teaching you what’s divine feminine energy, know that the naming of this is just that. A label.

This label is here to describe a set of qualities or energetics that fit into the same type of vibe. But this has NOTHING to do with gender. In fact, because we (as a society//collective) make it about gender, there’s this big suffering of a disconnection to our feminine energy.

Feminine energy has been under attack (thanks, patriarchy)

Typically, but not across the bored, humans born in female bodies identify with more feminine qualities which we’ll get to in a second. Whether or not a woman identifies with these qualities doesn’t make her any more or less of a woman.

I really don’t want to be grouped with the people who say “women should be or act _____”, btw.

But living in a patriarchal society doesn’t leave room for feminine qualities to be accepted as a healthy part of the human experience…

For example, the whole “boys don’t cry” rhetoric. Crying or showing that you are “soft” is a feminine quality. Because we make “feminine” about gender and “men have to be manly” (whatever manly is supposed to mean)… then we come to this unhealthy narrative that “boys don’t cry”.

What is this doing to the men in our societies? Could this have something to do with why more men are incarcerated? Or why men are less likely to go to therapy?

It’s a part of the human experience

Like I mentioned before, connecting with divine feminine energy is not something just for one group of people or one gender… it’s an essential part of a whole, fully expressed human experience.

You are not a machine, you are not a number. You are in a body made by nature and connecting with divine feminine energy puts you back in touch with that truth.

Maybe 🤔 this is one of the reasons why it’s avoided? It can be scary to come to terms with being in a temporary, every-changing body. But accepting that and alchemizing whatever comes up when you deeply connect with that truth is where true authentic confidence is born.

So…what’s divine feminine energy??

If you think of the hustling, productivity-prioritizing, and fast paced world we live in… feminine energy is basically the opposite of that.

I’ll list as many examples here as I can for you. Divine feminine energy is:

  • Resting
  • Softness
  • Moving at the pace of your body
  • Holding space
  • Chaotic flow… feeling all the feels and riding those waves of emotion
  • Playing with creativity
  • Doing things simply to do them and BE with those moments without expectation or goal
  • Just BEING
  • Expressing feelings
  • Nurturing (with food, energy, emotion)
  • Giving to nourish, soothe, or support another
  • Untouched, wild nature
  • & more

How to connect with divine feminine energy

When I went on a journey to connect with divine feminine energy in 2021, it changed the trajectory of my life. As a disclaimer, I’m a cis-gender woman who’s dealt with anxiety and being a high performing perfectionist “good girl” her whole life. If you resonate with that, how I connected with divine feminine energy might help you.

But again, connecting with divine feminine energy is essential for all of us. At the time of me writing this, I don’t have the expertise of helping transgender women, men or nonbinary humans so if this is you take my advice with skepticism and please do more research to find a coach that understands more deeply your unique experience.

👉🏻 What I did first was create purposeful space to slow TF down. I did this by creating appointments on my calendar to do nothing. By blocking out one week a month in my Calendly to not take any calls. By setting a timer and just laying on my couch staring at the ceiling.

It’s wild how deeply conditioned a lot of us are to always be doing something productive. If you feel that strongly, making space will help you a lot.

👉🏻 Then, I started with closely tracking what season my body was in and matching up my schedule with that. I used the knowledge in the book Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, highly recommend this if you are a human who menstrates.

👉🏻 Third, I devoted myself to body-based practices. Breast massage was the most life changing one for me. I released tension from my shoulders I’d been holding for YEARS, changed the way I saw my body, and grew my capacity to hold space for others through this practice.

I’ve shared breast massage with other women through my self-study course and they’ve also had huge shifts in how they see themselves and have shared powerful moments of breaking not only society’s rules but the own rules they’ve put on themselves.

If you want to learn this practice, I have a breast massage and embodiment course for women called Heart Magick, find out more by clicking here.

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